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Tigercub so into Dinosaur.
He loves to draw some dinosaur at a blank paper and add some details picture-in-picture like it's a page form an encyclopaedia. When I'm saying "loves to draw" means  he really loves to draw it... like hundreds pages of it to be collected. it scattered everywhere around the house.
The stacks of dinosaurs drawings were on the play area, on the study area, near the computer, on the toy boxes. I told him to draw on the both side of paper to save the paper.
He did it, but
still we end up with lots of paper.
so finally, I decided to do some recycling on those rough paper.

recycling isn't that easy. better have less waste than have to recycle it.

I assuring Tigercub to do SCAN and RECYCLE.

we scan all his chosen drawings or simply take some photos.
But quality of photos can't be compared to scanner because it's for different purposes.
So, all the not-sure drawings we'll just photo it nicely...
as for the i-like-this-one-because-the-story-is-bla-bla-bla drawings will be scanned with the scanner.
and after that..

another point where you want to gave up but
you already told your son that recycling is compulsory

let it go.... let it go....

I was trying haed to make a strainer with chopstick frame.

another youtube-said moment here.

All tutorials that I watched or read was telling me to have some strainer to get the pulp later.
I tried to make it with some chopstick glued togerther with hot glue.
and that was a very bad idea.
i was that impatient to let the pulp mixture cool down.
So, strained it warm will make the hot glue somehow washed away... and off my strainer gone.
Don't do that friends! it's okay to invest some in good strainer with frame. you can buy it or
simply made it with photo frame.

back to the step by step... ooh baby..

Doing it outdoor is better. But make sure it'll be saves from the rain.

after chop chop chop all the papers... well you can actually NOT cut the papers into thin slices 
it will just help to fasten it to become pulp...
you can put some hot or warm water depend on your patience level haha!
If it's hot then you have to wait it cools completely before you mix it with hands.
yea off course
if you want to use your immersions blender like me, 
just pour some warm water and give it some stirs before let it absorbs the water.
The you can start blend it!


some people add common flour, some people add starch, some people add the combination of those


strain the pulp! this photo showing you how important it is to have a good pulp strainer.
also, practice makes perfect. 
to release the paper from the strainer is another things that we have to get used to it.
I laid the strained pulp on the floor with kitchen towel.
I used a lot of kitchen towels.
This might be my 3 or 4  attempt to "fishing" the pulp into the raight thickness.

I found on some tutorials that you can  squeezed all the pulp into a tiny balls
don't doing it too dry...
so you can still manage to spread it on the strainer instead of
picking up the strainer after submerged it into the pulp bath

breaking dry pulps. i got 99 problems and this ain't one.

This all the results after one night. That's pretty fast.
Maybe fact that I lived in tropical country matters too.

for odd shapes paper... if it was to odd, i cut it small and ounch it like a tag! 
We can use it as greetings card too!

I thought all papers will be done if meets water
some paper actually need more times to becoming pulp.


my WTH am I doing here moment.
I start frustrated with the strainer.


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