New-Old Shoes!

pose before got my lumbar shot at the hospital.
please don't mind all the shoe boxes behind...
I was halfway on my spring cleaning but never made the onto other half haha

i was using Sharpie to draw the front part

I was hooked on youtube video one night and wake up ordering shoe paint kits


I planned to renew (again) my 5 or 6 yo shoes.

I drew on it like a year ago with Sharpie... and when I checked on it again the leather started to fell off.

like a lot of leather.

Maybe because we're at home this whole time they started aging.

like me. I just got my Lumbar Joint shots by steroids last night.


the side part was also dirty. I can't clean it anymore

those photo are the last condition of my shoes.

I tried to clean it with soap. common soap but then it won't be clean. 

I don't think it's good to rub them harder... and sending them to professional cleaner i think it's too much.

the front part is sooooooo in bad condition.

it got no more leather

well maybe it was only 2% left on there haha!

gave em some foundation!

First, I put some kind of leather compound to gave a good base for paint. The target was the leather cracks. But when I zoom, every part is cracking. LOL.
so i tried to thinly spread on everything. This kind of compound made some elastic tissue upon the cracks. So it can't be sands off with the sand paper... I have to wait some time before i got the results that i want.

i was mentally down on this steps haha

As ususal, youtube tutorial making it look easy. haha
I almost gave up on this stage looking at how white the shoes because of the compound.
Because it means my shoes was soooooooo.... maybe...
it needs to retired ?
Looking at the front part conditions, even the compound refuse to stays.
but then, 
I have to trust the process.

sketched some design on my ipad and decided to do some
China Porcelain inspired for my shoes.

second step is to painted it white.
for several times.
I did it per part.
I forgot to take some photos 🤣

almost there!

this part actually got no leftover leather on the surface.
98% compound. saddddd.

I used 00 size brush for detailing.
you can see the edges was so rough because the shoe itself. I can't make it better.

or I just lazy to try some more... i just want to start painting

what do you think?

I tried to foucus detailing on the front part only because it was the easiest surface to work with.
For the sides, the soes itself got some plastic bar that gloss. still good  so i kept it original.
the leather parts is not to wide. so I decided just draw some lines on it.
and then the last one... I lightly swoooosh some gold paint.
I tried to make a bit of rustic effect on the part that I didn't details.

Thank you!



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