New home for The Train Engines!

NOT BAD! it works!

I saw a photo of my friend got this Hot Wheels box on her walls.
Her husband is collecting Hot Wheels.
then I though that I should do that for all The Train Engines too!
My son was playing with Thomas and friends during his toddler time!
before he started to know superheroes stories.
i google it on some online shop and...
hey... why they're a bit pricey?
Maybe that's why my friend put it on her wall haha

as usual...

I can made it by myself!
off course not with real palette wood or even teak like the one on the shop.
I think just common Balsa wood will do!
so I went to my favorite shop. Art supply shop.
Dragging my husband there because he got the card 😜

The art supply shop got MDF box like this.
This is potential to become the base!
I was  so happy I even shout out loudly- called my husband spontaneously to come from other isle!

and then I tried to fine material for the shelves. 
I think it's almost impossible for me to cut the mdf sheets-even though the 3mm.
Using cardboard ? it will need few cardboard join together. means I have to cut 3 pieces for one shelf.
so tiring.
and there...
looking and calling me.... from the corner...
PVC board!
this will do!
a bit pricey compared to others but still under our budget!
3mm PVC board do!

there I cut some pvc shelf.
it's quite hard to do it when you have-i think i have-but the eye doctor said no more astigmatism.

My son helped me to measure the gap beteen the shelf using the trains.

and then he got an earful from me because I found out that he tossed

A chunk of Slime-no more-it became scattered dough into the toy box.

He have to clean those all up.

you can see he dressed himself miss matchy

are all boys like that?

it was like..

"at least i wear the top and pants, mom"

it looks like we lack of one shelf

so I decided to make the top part of the box as another shelf.

I put some Balsa wood stick on the edge of the shelf to make some support.
I used UHU glue to attached it.
   each shelf will have Balsa wood stick on the both side. but only one side...
like making s or z.
one is placed under... and one is for preventing the trains fell off.
i hope you got what I meant haha

almost there!
as you can see, it a bit slanted haha
or it's just my eyes?
but I decide to put some hidden support on the edge and in the middle.
The trains can be quite heavy so by time it might will be more slanted...
also the fact that I only used glue to hold it.

notice the support column?



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