Die Die Tie Dye!

Hi All! 
here I want to shared some photos of our tie dye projects.

who's also getting  more skills during this #stayathome period?
Raise your hands in the air!
shake your body like you just don't care!

Ta Daa!

Another fun thing that we done is tie dye in May!
Everybody doing tie dye nowadays tho'
from the natural dye, patterned dye, and normal dye-ing
all is fun!
Tigercub also shared some tie dye kits for his friends too.
we dyed a polo shirt, dress, shirt, and fabric.
Beware! whenever you start dye-ing... you can't stop!

since we have to have some extra cleaning effort in this time,
I made a tote bag so it will easily washed by hands

Don't asked me about the sewing pattern. I have no idea about it too. I just thought about it in my mind.
...always like that...

two sides crop top

there... I made a crop top. Inspired by a drama that I watched : Tokyo Love Story (2020).
I saw Akana Rika wore a crop top over a shirt and the n thought that I should do it too.
I know. I'm an impulsive person.
I combine it with some yellow fabric to twisted it become a two-sides top. 
I tried to be efficient. LOL
(also I don't have the pattern for this... I am master builder! LOL)

my son is making some patterns with rubber bands on his shirts while I just braids my fabric simple.

so.. here how we did it...

First: Preparing the kit

-gloves. please use reusable gloves. I used medical gloves because we already have it (it was for my mom). We spray some body talk after uses it and it can last for 2-3 times usages.
if you need to buy gloves please buy the reusable ones or the one that be used for handling food.

-textile coloring
i used dylon. the only brand that I was familiar with. I mixed a package of Dylon with a bottle (1ltre) of water and put inside salts.

-things to dye for!
is it funny?
different materials different behavior. I used cotton... the cheap one... and my son used Gildan fabric.
you can see the color popping is really different.
Also happent to my cotton dress and my husband polo shirts.
(maybe later i'll update the photos because I can't find it)

-Intervention items
bleach is an interventions. easiest one! clothes area that got bleached on it won't get dyed.
other things that you can use for it is rubber band, stick, stones, leaves...
pinterest shows things 😁

soaked it with hot water and vinegar to stop the color washed away.
open the fabric and...
what i did is after that I washed again with detergent and cold water immediately.


here we go!

splish splash splosh

After we did the interventions, we can immediately dye it. We can soaked the fabric into a bucket of dye or spray it like this. I thought that spray it like this is more "in control" and fun for Tigercub. I can just took away the bottle to stop any unwanted things if it's happen.
knock knock wood

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This fabric is dyed two times.
first one is braided and not using bleach.
after it dried I found that the color isn't "deep enough"
so I braided it, sprayed some bleach, and dyed it once more.


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