our first Doodle Decoroll

Hi All!
Today I tried to bake some fancy swiss-roll or known also as decoroll,
As usual, youtube tutorial made it looked so easy 😅
After watched some videos, I thought I got it.
First I have to make a good meringues
second, I have to make a good yellow egg-mix too.
The tips are :
eggs have to be in room temperature to make it easier to handle
slowly put in the sugar
too much flour=stiff cake
don’t fold the yellow mix into the white mix too powerful

everything was fine with the batters...
until I twisted it.
as always.
what’s wrong with me? haha

here I doodle everything.
faces, chicken, crocodiles, clouds, flower, superhero, etc.
I just doodle as fast as I can

here, I mix some spoonful of batter with black food color and then put it on some pipping bag.
I started to doodling directly on the baking paper because I always so confident 😜😅
then I bake it for 2-5minutes to make it set.

after that I mix some batters with some different colors. 
It was really fun. I just can’t figure out how to keep the batter fluffy because it’s started runny.
should I put it on fridge?
maybe next time I’ll do it.

I can’t stop!

whenever I finish worked with one color I always put it back to the oven to set it.
It was all looked good in here, right?
Sadly... It won’t (spoiler alert)
because red and orange is pretty similar with the brown color from the cake itself. 
Plus I cooked the batter too long so it became more brown some more.


after finish doodling, I drop all the batter and spread it evenly.
Tap the baking pan onto the table lightly to get rid the bubbles...

but then...

Tigercub was finished he online class and he begged to join me.
...using the left over batter from the pipping bag...
Here is his abstract creations... TA DAA!
a bit of Jason Pollock and Van Gough’s gouache touch.
I completely forgot to tap some more so it became lumpy
*face palm


I put some toothpick several times and the batter still wet.
So I kept continue baking it.
But then I smell something too fragrant haha...
oh dear. I baked it too long. the bottom part is too brown.
I used electric oven. I think my top heater isn’t worked well anymore...
or I think I should reduce the amount of the batter that I used since this was the biggest baking pan that fit my oven. it can’t be much bigger :(
let’s try it on another baking time! fighting!

Here is the crack. It happents because the outer part was too crunchy.

After I pull out the baking paper, I immediately dust the cake with icing sugar.
The tutorial said it was to prevent it sticking.
I guess I dust it to much...
I’m so need to levelling up my baking skill and also my patience...

*brb after humming the bees sound on my ear drums

There are some parts that peeled of haha
but then...
 I just kept rolling with some baking paper inside the rolls and left it cooling down.
lesson learned.
This is still edible

The red and orange color definetely gone on the outside.

but my husband said that the the taste is good! the cake is fluffy and the filling is very good.
Tigercub said that it was super cool and delicious!
My husband is pretty honest with his comments..
but for Tigercub,
 he always said that for every food that I made for him. The real or not real indicator was when I asked “do you want some more?” and he’ll answer it with yes or no.

he asked more.

I filled the rolls with some cream cheese-whipped cream mixed that I found on my freezer.
hahaha.. Our freezer was like  a treasure chest of our family.
I think I used cream cheese, mascarpone, whipped cream, rose tea water to make it
some left over homemade pineapple jam

Ta Daa!
my first experience doing decoroll!

this is the tutorial that I follow 

our second attempt wasn't bad right?1


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