The Ugly Dumpling

not bad! this is the steamed version.

The Jumbo Ugly Dumpling just changed into Beautiful Swan


As if I got so many free times, I had decided to make dumpling from scratch.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Yeaa I did it. 

Jumbo Ugly Dumplings!


Dumpling skin :

All Purpose flour 250 gr
Hot boiling water like the one from hell 150gr
pinch of sea salts/ table salts

the theory is to pour the hot boiling water slowly into mixed flour-salts.
slowly pour it while mixing it with some spatula. 
After stir it some times, the temperature lowering down... knead it with hands.
i know... it's hot! but the ancestor did it that way...
Knead it for 5-6  minutes untill it smooth... or almost smooth...
rest and cover for 45-60 minutes.

 this is my first attempt to shape round dumpling skin.
Grandma Young* won't approved.

*Crazy Rich Asian

Then after that divide it into some desireable size. 
Youtube told me that I should divide it each 18 grams.
But I still thinks it was too big for our family.
you can see on the photos 🙄
or it was supposed to be like that?

I think 15 grams or lesser is more suitable for us.

MUST : every skin need to be coated with potato starch to avoid it sticks onto each others.

you can watch youtube for how shaping it rounds.


I saved some skins and use it to make fried apple pie too.


The fillings is The Basic Mix!
I think I should write about this
which is :

minced Shrimps
minced chicken
soy sauce
salt and pepper


for this recipe, I put some KALE!

extras : you can also made some broth jelly that will be melt during the cooking process inside the dumpling. Like the one that they did in the restaurant! that's why when you bite the dumplings there will be extra juice inside. Normal one won't be that juicy.

 Test one : boiled


Tigercub approved!

Drizzled it with some soy sauce, sesame oil, and chili oil is always a good idea.


I tried to steamed, boiled, and fried this skin. All is good.
I don't encounter any issues though the skin is a lil bit sticky when it was fried.
but yeaaaa that's why they called it Pot Sticker.



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