Menbosha time!

Ta Daa!


Menbosha is deep fried shrimp sandwich. It is originated in Guangzhou, China (Google said so πŸ˜‚).
I never tried the original ones yet but I believe I can predict how it tastes a bit.
Like it said, it made from shrimps... but I always put mince chicken inside to gain volume.
Shrimps here is can be quite pricey πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

what you need is only White Toast and Fillings !
I did this recipes few times and as always...
No Recipe is The Recipe
don't ask me the about measurements please haha

My fillings recipe :

Minced Big Shrimps that you can get. I used 4
Minced chicken
Soy sauce
Hoisin sauce
salt & pepper
Crazy amounts of finely chopped scallions
eye measured Corn Starch 🀣
1 small eggs

⫸don't put it too much egg otherwise it became runny.
sometimes I forgot to put eggs and it was okay.
⫸I never minced the shrimps too fine to gave textures
⫸Hoisin sauce can be replace with Worchestershire sauce

 you can make thicker fillings than this. This is because it fits to my son's hand ! 

Then prepare the white toast. So far, I prefer to do it this cut because
it was more handy for me to work with.
But you can always cut it in square or make  some fun shapes.
Do not toss the edges yet.. because you can use it for making some bread crumbs

 yumm! smells good!

Correct me if I'm wrong, the original recipe used to deep fried Menbosha in sesame oil or peanut oil.
I think it was because peanut based oil can reach high temperature better...
 and I think it will also gave some nice hints of nutty scents.

i have no idea I never tried to cook with one of those oils.
I only use almond oils for essential oils carriers  (●'◡'●)



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