Fly to Seoul

it took me one year to start updating this blog *facepalm.
Lots of things happened to my life and it was an extreme roller coaster ride.
I was plan to write some post but things keep holding me back.
some quick updates:
son is in kindergarten
we have cats... meeow...
my mom got stroke attack
routine changes
I 80% work from home
I kept telling myself that
I've got nothing to worry about.
God's already set things up for us.
Everything is already written.
I just have to accept, try, and make a peace with it.

 Hi from Seoul!

So, this year we decided to have holiday to South Korea.
If you read my post about Unplanned HK , at that time it was kinda hard to travel because
my stepfather just passed away.
For South Korea, it was hard to travel because my mom got stroke attack 1 month before our trip.
I was at my lowest point that time because there were lots of things going on my mind.
I even experienced some anxiety attack because I could not see 
my routines or my goals anymore.
but then I stood up...
I picked my shattered soul and said to myself that I couldn't give up right now.
really... life must goes on!
So, with helps from a designated nurse for my mom and my aunt supervised at home...
we finally able to go for holiday for South Korea

Arex time!

This is our first flight to place that has 4 seasons.
the preparations for our clothing itself took some months before
Too much? not for us.
We really didn't have warm clothes since our place is commonly got 32°C
Buying warm clothes means it will only used not in Jakarta.
Not in most place in Indonesia as a matter of fact.
we'll need it if we lived in the mountains...
and buying new sets of warm clothing means another spend quite amount of money
oh dear...
so, I asked everybody and doing some price research about
what and where to shop :
  • First layer is inner : Must have items even though we probably won't use it anymore in Jakarta. like I said, it'll be the first layer on our everyday attire. We were using inner on the tops and legging before we put on our jeans . first option is in Uniqlo. They sell HEATECH series of inner clothing to be used in cold. BUT, try other store like Mark&Spencer. I got my son's winter inner there. it was on multipacks and on sale. Then, I got super warm legging for him in Aliexpress ( also good price it just took time to send it to Indonesia). this super warm legging got some faux fur /velvet on the inside.
  • Second layer is Fleece / Jackets/ Sweater : the best price that I got is from Decathlon. We all bought each ourselves Fleece jacket that suit for 7°C-10°C. the price is only about $8. I Love you Decathlon!
  • Third layer is Puffed Jacket :  the one that will cost us much. But we cannot not have it. I bought my son's jacket in Decathlon and for parents I got the jackets from ASOS. it ways more cheaper than other offline shops in Jakarta.

actually, we can add more layers between the first and the second with wearing tshirt, shirt, or just longsleeves to make it warmer. But I think we'll need it if it's below 0°C.

We wore common clothing during the flight to Seoul since Jakarta is not cold at all.
When we landed, we immediately put on our warm inner on the restroom and took out our padded jacket from the luggages ( As suggested by a friend of mind).
I try not to post too much photos in my blog.
sounds weird, right?... 
but really it was because...
if you haven't travel to the place that I wrote, I hope you can experience it all by yourself.
I don't want to ruin the surprise element :)
We used Arex (Train) from the airport to Seoul MRT stations...
or you can go straight to Seoul by taxi.
Anyway, our luggage was taken by a luggage service to be put in our place
so that we can immediately start strolling on the city.
You can get this service on Klook.

Papa Bear is using Unisex Padded Jacket from COLLUSION
I bought it on ASOS. Like you can read, I bought it coz it was unisex... so that I can use it too LOL
We went straight to Gyeongbokgung
Gyeongbokgung is a palace that is well preserved.
If you used to watch K-Drama in Joseon era... this palace will reminds you to the scenes :)
Here, you can rent Korean traditional clothes and take pictures with it everywhere n the palace.
it will be fun if you doing it with your friends...
but I think it will be weird if it was just me, my husband, and my son
 Tigermom and Tigercub

My jacket is Lost Ink from ASOS. My french berret is from Aliexpress.
My son's jacket is from Decahtlon and his winter  inner+ winter pants is from Mark&Spencer.

it was very nice to see all the conservation building exists between the modernization.
I wish it also happen in Indonesia.
People should pay more respect to the history and nature.


the tree in the curbs is also got nice details


the streams in Dongdaemun is very clear and a nice place to have a night strolls


Tips : near the Gyeongbokgung there this Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup)
that is very famous. you have to queue for lunch.
the name is Tosokchon Samgyetang
I think it was there for a long time even
the place is well preserved made us like time travelling to 100 years ago.


 Samgyetang time!

Black chicken and Ginseng!

peek a boo!
even their wallpaper is cool :)


what about this picture ?
there is a mirror in the passenger door of a taxi that we rode.
Double check when you open the door!


My photo
an interior designer who loves crafts and not sure whether it was crafting or hoarding. Who is always looks rushing but still managed to cooks, baths, doing detail drawing, and chasing her son all over the place.

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