4th birthday Cupcakes

Lemon Coconut Cupcakes
(following recipe by Taste of Home )
1 batch can make 12-15 cupcakes

ingredients based on that link :

  • 3/4 cup butter, softened
  • 1 cup sugar3 eggs
  • 3 teaspoons grated lemon peel
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut

  • How to do it according to me :
    • first, turn on your oven 175°C. But I did doing it on 200°C. faster. sorry recipes.
    • I shifted all the dry ingredients. Flours, salts, and baking soda.
    • On separated bow, I mixed butter and sugar. The recipe said until it's creamy. I tried to use my mom's old mixer. if you look into the photo... her mixer is older than me. it has no power at all even though it looks so retro. so back to hand whisking style!
    that mixer button is soooo in square and in block color.. so cool.
    and like I said. it's older than me. I cleanse it several times. 
    • after that I put 3 eggs. one by one... and then liquid vanilla... and lemon peels ( I didn't grate it because I have lemon peeler and I want to use it.)
    • then mix the shifted dry ingredients into the wet ingredients... alternates with sour cream.
    • after all mixed. I suggest not to mix it too long... put inside dried coconuts.
    • put it on cupcake mould. I used cupcakes cup. the ones with thick edges so that I don not have to use mould. save oven space. YAY!
    • bake. pick test. done. super easy.

    I need to bake 55 cupcakes. But I know myself well so I need to add some more for backup.
    And it was a really good decisions. Coz I'll need it.
    How did  I did it ?

    My oven is electric. small.
    only able to fit 9 small cupcakes.
    Small cupcakes is half Dunkin Donuts's Muffin.


    At first I was doing 2 batch in a row.
    it was quite tiring. Not the bake. but the waiting time.
    I have no time for waiting beause I want to sleep.
    I was baking after office hour and yes I'm so tired.
    It's dangerous since I believed that things that we do reflected our feelings.
    And cupcake is a sweet things. You need to be happy to bake it otherwise it won't be good.


    Silly but I'm serious.
    My second batch somehow is more dense than the first batch.
    but thanks to butter cream. It covers my perfectionist radar to not throw them away.
    I better stop. and I call it a day.

    shift shift shift

    The next day, I decided to went home early.
    Pick up my son from the daycare and try to finish what I started the day before.
    I was so tired to repeat the mixing process for every dough (read: lazy)
    I wish I could have a container of cupcake mix.
    off course smart people will buy the just-add-egg cupcake mix.. or even BUY the cupcakes...
    really. I imagine a box of tupperware that filled with cupcake mix and scoop it one by one.


    I decided to google my problems.

    then it turned out... we really can save cookie dough, cake batter, and evthing else for using it later sometimes!
    WOW. I though I can only store the cake or the bread.. but I can actually store the mix for later.


    Of course there are notes for it... and different treatment for different things.
    But doing cupcakes batter and store it for later is easy peasy.

    after 1 batch of cupcakes....
    I decide to do a double recipes the cupcakes batter
    and store the leftover inside a plastic bag then put it on my fridge.
    and it was working!
    just add more minutes (like 10 minutes) for the next batch because the cupcakes batter were colder than the normal one.

    Ta Daa!
    roll it to store it so it sisn't eat space... and then scoop with the spoon / just cut the edges like piping bag.

    60++ cupcakes!
    wait untill it was seriously cool or it will soggy when you store it tighly like this.


    School didn't allowed us to neither bring chocolate base nor cheese base cake because of allergies precautions.
    And they didn't cut the cake at school. (may be it's messy ?)
    So, I have to change the original Cheesecake Frosting recipe into the classic buttercream.
    well... some buttercrem use milk a lil bit.
    but the notes from school they allow us to have buttercream...
    so buttercream it is.


    I don't have time for doing buttercream from scratch.


    I'm going to cry.. then die crying...
    I start panicking. and Panic eating.



    a good friend of mind told me that we could buy a basic buttercream.
    They have it on cake shop.
    yes they did.
    so it was happening!
    buttercream it is.
    I bought 3 big plastic of white buttercream!


    Here is the butter cream that I colored with Yellow.
    if you notice that white lumps... I should mix it more thoroughly.
    but I frikkin lazy so it caused me troubles in the end.


    smells good

    At the dawn... about almost 4 am in the morning me and my husband started to decor the cupcakes.
    Remember that I have 1% experienced on piping buttercream.
    I did tried once back in Singapore.
    I even have the decorative pipping set. But iit was like 4 to 5 years ago.
    Good Luck to me!


    I was struggling to piping it .
    The buttercream somehow to cold. it frozen.
    Then it was lumpy inside I have to poke some chopsticks...
    the it melted...
    Piping buttercream is silly.
    You put too much into piping bag... it'll melted. the butter melted fast.
    I put my AC ON in the living room... helps little bit.
    You put small amounts into the piping bag then you can give the correct pressure to decor.

    ooohh really.. I want to quit (as usual) but I can't...

    then after several times trying to do super easy BLOB piping style.
    you know.. the one that looks like poop. only need to do a swirl... but I failed.

    I decided to do this grass style and it was fast.

    if you notice, the color of the buttercream are basically yellow or black.
    But when I running out of yellow, I continued with black.. and some cupcakes got mixed yellow and black buttercream.
    I did it purposely and getting used to it after maybe the 15th cupcakes.
    While I was piping, husband is packing it into individual box and My mom was the one who was building the box.


    of course I made this by myself.
    you can order this on my shop CIMIKDUT


    extra stories:
    On the second day, when I was baking... my son was playing with his Grandma upstairs.
    it was around 4pm.
    suddenly I heard this tiny fast footsteps of him... and he showed up by saying
    "Hey, I'm hungry..."
    and he went to look his melamine plate and grab a cupcake from the table where I worked.
    and then go back upstairs.
    I was surprised and hold my laugh.
    chased him for cute photos.
    I forgit it was his snack time at the daycare and usually I packed him snacks.

    and it happent twice. one cupcake ain't enough.

    nice thing that I have lot's of cupcake spares.


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