Itsy Bitsy Corn Muffins

itsy bitsy corn muffins
We moved into a new place.
what months to survived for.
We were struggling moving and setting everything. Bring our life back into our routine.
because we're growing.
my mom now lived with us for good.
it's a cool things because now we all can cook using a bigger pots!

It's okay Mom, let's start everything together :)

“When something comes easy, you usually let it go the same way.”
Nora Roberts


Polenta or Cornmeal isn't a common ingredients in Jakarta... well.. maybe in Indonesia
mais.. you can find it sometimes in Upscale Supermarket.
Bet you all notice that cakes in here mostly use commom all purpose flour or rice flour...
...because we are Asian. We have alot of rice fields.
Asian has 1001 ways to using rice from eat it as our main carbohydrates to having it as desserts.


what is Polenta? Polenta or Cornmeal is corn flour..
Not Corn Starch. not Maizena.
the grains are coarse. not as smooth as all purpose flour.
We can feel the grains of polentas like we can feel sands.
but the smooth polenta is also available... but it's quite rare ...
the color is yellow... off course... it was made from corn...
we can use polenta as one of the carbohydrates source.


People in the west side of the world
(but the earth is round so which one is the west ?) , 
usualy bake using polenta or having it like having a bowl of oatmeal.
But in the east, some tortilla, Indian roti, and some traditional cakes also made from Polenta.

Baking with polenta will comes up with a sort-of-dry food textures...
Partnering polenta with soups / water is always a good idea because it will absorbing the water.
Like a sponge!

and Polenta cakes best served warms.


Add some milk into polenta somehow bring ow the incredible corn flavours.


Itsy Bitsy Corn Muffins
(12 tiny muffins,
± 30 minutes by doing it yourself... with kids... maybe 1 hour + super FUN )

What you need :

  • 1 cup of polenta.
  • 1 cup of all purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup of sugar
  • 1/4 cup of canola oil
  • 2 tablespoons of Baking Powder
  • 1 big Egg
  • a pinch of salts.
  • 1 Cup of Milk
  • muffin tins. I'm using silicon bakeware.
in this recipe, I was making a savory corn muffins. Corn muffins originally got no toppings because it was meant to enjoyed with your favorite soups. But so far, best toppings for corn muffins that I found were cheese, crispy bacon, parsley, and dried cranberry... don't mix 'em all together !

Topping :
  • Cold cuts. I'm using left over smoked beef. chopped.
  • Cheddar. I mixed the orange and the yellow one so later we can see it melts. Remember, the polenta itself was yellow. Using common yellow cheddar only for me not so attractive.
  • Poppy seeds for cuteness :)
How to cook :

  • pre-heat the oven into about 175°C.
  • grease your muffin tins with butter & flour... but I don't need it since I'm using the silicone ones.
  • combine everything!!!!
My son can do this. This is maybe the third times he's helping me with Corn Muffins recipe. Do it with your kids!
  • after all is mixed well together, put it on the muffin cups. I fill 2/3 cups first then tiny bits of toppings.. and fill it again.
You don't need to give some 1/3 space empty like we common do when we bake cupcakes. Baking using cornmeal won't expand that much. But it will so.. may be left some space like 1/6 parts will be okay. If you see picture below, I didn't left space at all and it turned still okay.

  • put it in the oven for 20 minutes. keep cheking it with stick a chopstick into the muffins. As usual, if it came out dry.. the it's done. What I did, after it's done, I changed the heat into Top Heat only mode so the top part of the muffins will be brown beautifully for 2-3 minutes.

one for the cupcake.. one for me omnomnom.. one for the cupcake.. one for me... omnomnom...



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