Disneyland First Timer

it took moths for me to get into my keyboard and update my blog.
lots of things happened and I'll tell you all one by one what was happening to my life.

Disney Hollywood Hotel entrance

continuing my latest post(s) Unplanned HK 1 and Unplanned HK 2 ,
we surely did trip to Disneyland Hong Kong... yaaaaay...
We spend 2 nights in Disney Hollywood hotel. It was a super cool hotel!
we were having this dilemma between stayed at our previous hotel or moving to this hotel.
Mostly because the budgets...
off course.. I still checked my lawn and still no Trees with money leaves there.
but in the end we decided to go Disney-all-out!


elevator selfie
I rarely got a "serious" thematic projects. Saw everything inside the Disney Hollywood Hotel made me soooo happy! really.
Somehow they really made inner child of me out. compete with my son.

There we will spoiled by details. From ceiling to flooring.
also they didn't forget to put elements of universal design.
beautiful. really.

some details that I snapped with my cameras.
We got 2 beds because it was the regulations
whenever you brought toddler stayed.
Look at the bed head design!

I wish I could jumped as free as my son enjoyed the hotel.


Tips : Disney hotel provides shuttle bus to Disneyland


I wish I could have this quotes plate on my house.

Tips : rent stroller. but sorry only suits for toddler.

We can rent stroller from our hotel and got special entrance pass.
another reasons for why we should stayed at one of Disneyland hotels. HotelS.. s?
yes They have more than one hotel there with different themes.
worth to google it.

Ta Daa!
The toddler stroller was very convenience for toddler themselves and the parents.
It has pocket, name tag, and don't worry.. Disney provides a lot of stroller parking lot whether you rent it from Disney or bring your own stroller.


must try this roller coaster!
most of the cool rides are made for kids who already got 110cm heights up.
toddler and family can ride all the cute rides. But mostly the queue was like... insane!
That's why, we also got 2 days pass for visiting Disneyland...
they also sell the 3 days pass if you really need it.
Here some photos from Disneyland HK.
a few actually because I hope nobody feel I did spoiler for your next trip here :)

Rex! Toy Story Land probably his fave because he was in love with dinosaurs... and he met Rex.
Big Rex.
why he must hug Iron Man's leg? I have no idea...


our lunch. He hated me because I told him not to touch the food before I took photos of it.
Disneyland got restaurant and snack parlour everywhere.
Tips: if you able to bring your own snacks
and managed to travel light with your backpack, do it!

almost everything was sold for HK$38.
pretty pricey for an ice cream or fluffy cotton candy.. but yes.. the ice cream was Mickey shaped, the cotton candy was on LED Light saber, the waffels was on Mickey shaped(off course), even the doughnuts was on Winnie The Pooh's colors.


mango pudding
Phillharmonic Orchestra

Tips : check all day schedule!

Disneyland  has parade on special hours.
Keep checking the schedule on web or on the flyers and be prepared for it.. because if you are planning to watch a parade but you aren't come in time, you'll probably will be on the lasts row watching it from behind.

They also have a queueing apps that we can download in apps store.
They even got this sort-off-cut-queue machine that is valid some tickets.
it was like a golden ticket where you can pass the line one / two times depend the entrance ticket that you bought.
Disneyland off course already prepared for everything possibilities happent in an amusement park.
So don't worry 'bout restrooms, baby rooms, drink, souvenir, ATM, and anything else.. Just worry about your kids because they might be going sugar rush and the parents probably not focus.. and big chance you'll meet LOTS of tiny disney princess... with complete costume because it sold ev-where. just make sure you hold the correct daughter.


till we meet again Disneyland!


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