Aubergines Rice Cups

Ta Ta Ta Daa!
because we have Wonton skin leftover on our fridge that almost expired.
Nobody hates finger foods.
I think so...
This recipe contains no meat. but it contains egg (from wonton skin), fish sauce, and cheese.

Aubergines Rice Cups
(12 cups, ± 45 minutes including preparations depends how good your chopping skill is)

What you need :
  • Half Aubergines, diced small... really small.
  • Champignon mushrooms. about 5 medium sized. diced small but bigger than the Aubergines because it will shrink.
  • Cooked rice
  • Grated Cheddar. Actually any kind of cheese that melts.I used cheddar because the flavor isn't too strong.
  • spring onions... super fine chops... hide it from those picky eater!
  • soy sauce. not the sweet one.
  • fish sauce.
  • Wonton skin. you know.. the yellow one that contains eggs.
  • toasted sesame seeds for garnish.

How to cook :

  • pre heat the oven. my oven was set in 150°C and I leave it during chop chopping process.
  • I used silicone bake ware so I actually don't need to grease it. But I did. I put some canola oil into the molds and after I put the wonton skin inside, I also brush them with canola oil.
  • put the Wonton Cups into oven for about 10 minutes but please keep checking on it :)

  • Heat your frying pans. when it's hot enough add some canola oil. not too much because Aubergines and mushroom will absorbs all the oils.
  • Put Aubergines and Mushrooms inside the frying pans and try not play with them too much. Put inside soy sauce, fish sauce, and white peeper. No salt. Whuuut...!
  • after all the juices absorbs and out again (LOL) add the spring onions and stir it like for 2/3 minutes more. Not too long because the beautiful green color will be gone.

  • Don't forget to keep checking on your Wonton Cups. it must be done by now... or you can do the wonton cups before these process. Just make sure the oven is always heating.
  • Put the filling into your cooked rice. Yes, I didn't fried the rice because I think the rice will be dried when we baked it later. So, here we are mixing the filling with the rice in a bowl (or else )
  • Fill the cups! your kids also able to do this... ask them to join will be a good idea... Top the rice with grated cheddar and sesame seeds.
  • Put back in the oven. Used only the top heat for about 5-10 minutes to melting the cheese and make beautiful crisp colors.
  • Ta Daa!


I have an idea of doing various filling.
  • a Ratatouille inspired cups by using Red Pepper, Aubergines, Tomato, Oregano
  • No cooking Mexicanos inspired cups by using not-so-ripe avocado, tomato, and red beans 
  • Salmon and nori filling
Good Luck for trying.. hope you can tag me and sharing your happiness.



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