My Tiger Prince

Tiger Prince and His Kingdom (on my dress) LOL

This is my son's first costume party... and I'm the one who's excited about it.
Back in college years... We did quite a lot costume party. It was like 3 times per year. It was fun although I wasn't always came in dress code. But I remember one time I was "Tomb Rider"...

HEY... I was studied in an Arts and Design faculty.... 
so.. I was quite fun with how I was dressed up.


the conversations between The Prince and The Birthday Princess seems real here.
I better not interrupt them... :)

I did some research about how DIY Prince looks like.
Yes. The dress code was "Prince and Princess"... 
with a picture inspired by Princess Anna from Arandele on the invitation.
who doesn't like Frozen? I even duet with my son to their OST.

Then... as usual...I convinced myself that I can make it.


I bought two  colors of velvet fabrics.
I described here : Royal red and Royal Blue :)
Please touch it before you buy it. I found out that my velvet fabrics were STRETCH.
It was almost impossible to sew by machine. It can be done if you were ZEN enough. Not me.
I need only two of 0,5 m x 1,5 m velvets.

in love with these buttons. we called it Cheongsam Style buttons.
it came beautifully crafted like this... also in other colors.
I also bought some tassels in ribbons, fake gold buttons, and some royal ribbons... all for decorative purposes. And like always. I bought too much it filled my storage. Again.

my hair turns curly while trying attache these tassels.
I'm proud that 90% I did the costume by hand.
Only the side part that I did by machine. Like I said, it was so stretchy...
it rolls and skewed whenever I tried to machine sewn it.
I don't have time to setting my machine (read: reading the manuals)...
my hands were faster than read it. LOL.
*please don't took your moral lessons from here.

It took 2 x half day. (after office hour)
Total I spend below Rp.200.000,00 :

for Fabrics Rp.56.000,00
for Accessories Rp.100.000,00

Ta Daaaa! #tigermomdidit !

And it looks pretty photogenic, rite
 Don't get too near... you'll see how untidy it was haha...
But it was fun and my son's happiness was PRICELESS !
He said he's going to Arandelle :)



a lesson to "Don't be like this" of the day is

"Basically, everybody is a good person.
But they sometimes chose to who they want to be good with."


Have a happy day !



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