beading never ends

this is so tiring. I want to quit.
So, I decided to sew my own lace cloth for my cousin's wedding. The wedding day was last week.
I know. I am crazy.

yeahhh.. you all understand that life is up and down and round and round.
Earth is round... not flat... and keep spinning...
so.. I calculated that I won't survived if I went to a dress maker for this stuff.



I tried to look the easiest sewing pattern in the internet. I found out that sew a tunic / kaftan was the easiest that I can do. I have no equipment to do such a fancy cut pattern so... Okay... a tunic will do.
What I did basically just fold a cloth into two, make a hole for your head, and accessorized. 

But it turned out not that frikkin' easy!
oh dear...


I tried to sew the bottom part of the tunic, and I realized that my sewing machine will only ruin the lace fabric. so I sew it with machine as much as I can then I do the "cleaning" by hand.
I have to have something to cover all the mess.


I went to TOKO MADJU. My favorite place on earth so far.
it was located in Pasar Mayestik area and it similar to Diagon Alley.
(hope you read Harry Potter).
You can find everything there related to sewing-crafting. Everything.
even ridiculous ribbon trim like the one that I chose.

thanks God...
I found a unique lace-ribbons that able to covered all the sewing mess that I did on the neck line and on the bottom parts.
Did installed it hand sewed. I wanna cry.
I also sewn a so-called-fancy rope on the neck line.


if I need to spend the whole day do this. I will.
next step was beading time!
WOW! this was fun. really.
or maybe it was just me.

I thought that put some beads on the chest area will make the tunic more lovely and merrier.
It was for wedding tho... can't be not merry.
I bought some flower applique with some similar color tone and some faux pearl.
beading here, there, and everywhere cant stop.

All was cost me about Rp.100.000,00.


the rest will only my heart and my brain's job.



what do you think? I randomly put the beads.

Installing the beads is another challenge.
The fabric is so delicate and not solid.
It got tiny holes because it was lace.
 I prepare some Tulle Fabric behind the lace to give some strength so that I can easier install the beads and flowers.

on the backside
I just can't stop beading.
thing that stop me was time...
 and I afraid that the lace won't hold the beads well.

and yes I drop a bead when I wore the tunic.
only A bead !


What do you think?
I sew the side a lil' bit to created some kind of sleeves...
and also made the sleeves looks like butterfly style.

It was took a week and
all cost me below Rp.200.000,00 because
The Pink Fabric ( we call it Paris Lace Fabric) and the Batik below were free for the cousins.

at first I didn't want to tell anybody that I sew my own tunic,
but my husband was so chit chatty 'bout it.
He told my mom and my mom told everybody.

Cheers fo me!


avec Maman

love you!



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