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My son is officially a preschooler.
the first two days he didn't realized that he was in school..
we thought that the situations will be A OK.. nothing will happen..
but then after that.. here.. we.. go... 
my son is nagging every morning...

First day! Walk proudly with his plushies ♥

he started to acting up and making a scene..
sometimes did the fake crying that turned into real tears...
if you think that I was too mean... come on.. he just a 3 yo baby...
wait until he arrived at the school...
at the time he looked at the big little tikes car...
he immediately shut down all the crying things.. and then said "Bye.. Bye.. See you later!"
*big sweat drop on my face

before I continue everything...

if you now me.. then you'll know that I love to cook very much.
I didn't like to store cooked foods in our fridge.. or even eating lunch for dinner..
I like pretty.. beautiful meals... so...
I don't mind to cook three times a day.. breakfast.. lunch... and dinner if I could.
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Everyday I cooked him lunch... also packed some tea time snacks....
Here are some photos from his bento that I made.. 
not really in sequence

My First Bento.
Mommy Skill Level : Edible

This my first time using the "Thomas The Train" mould and new type of Rice.
so... it's not I want to defend the look of my first bento.. I just didn't knew how to cook the rice in the right amount of water. do you notice the rice is soggy ?


I packed him Omelette beef + boiled carrot & broccoli + boiled Cold Cut (beef).
Maybe "boiled cold cut" was a 'lil bit funny... but yes I did it.
I heat the water 'till it boiling.. then put the cold cut like for 2-3 minutes. done.


I almost never gave my son raw food... I even rarely gave him sushi with raw fish ( don't be angry sushi master) because I wasn't sure with the cleanliness of the meat unless I was eating on a medium-high level restaurant.


Tuna Onigiri + Fried Shrimp
Not Bad.
My son lkes fried shrimp. Who doesn't?
When I was a kid this was also my favorite menu.
Super simple Fried Shrimp with bread crumbs.


Pesto Pasta with Sausage
I only got Rigatoni pasta in my cupboard... I knew that Rigatoni should be cooked with something saucey... but... yaaaa I did it :)
I used my signature pesto in this bento and complete it with Octopus cut sausage (boiled), carrot (also boiled), and fruits (mango + yellow watermelon).


If you curious whether my son was able to finish his lunch? yes. He was almost everyday able to eat well (according to teacher's report card) and has 'lil bit left over.
Broccoli? he can finished a palm of broccoli himself.
Nope. Teacher never washed the bento box or throwing the un-eaten food so that we could see how well my son was eating everyday.


Chicken Pop + Cut Fruits
This one is : Easy Peasy Chicken Pop + Broccoli + Onigiri with hidden carrot.

I started to notice that my son left some of the boiled carrots.. so I hid them on the rice.
I boiled the tiny chopped carrots (as square and tiny as I can) untill it turns soft. really... really soft because it will be hidden... I don't want my son choked.


Chicken Cold Cut & Omelette

Chicken Cold Cut (boiled) + French Beans + Omellete (with spring onions)
I like to put butter whenever I finished boiled the string beans so that it tasted more yummy.

Why am I boiled everything?
Because it's healthier than saute, fried, or deep fried...
Steaming is healthier but also took more time to prepare.
So.. boiled it is..
I tried to not over-boiled unless it was needed.


Baked Mustard Chicken + Egg Mayo
Baked Recipe!
I baked chicken breast with Dijon Mustard. Nothing else. no salt. No pepper.
just put inside the pre-heat oven.
The taste was very nice. Sweet and Tangy.
I even packed a bento for myself 'coz I cooked in bulk at that time. Save electricity!
I complete the set with Egg+ broccoli Mayo.
My son is a big fan of Egg Mayo :)


from now I'll start to tag my bento with 

and my weekend cooking with

happy cooking!



  1. ka puti niat bangett deh hebat! aku malesss banget kalo ttg masak. abisan ga jago-jago.. haha


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