Best Blankie Ever

The Panting and The Blankets.
Memorable items that created on my son's 3rd birthday.
The painting  was my son's birthday party guest book. As I told on previous post, It was made by everybody who was came to his party.
Not only the painting, I also sew his birthday backdrop into blanket.
Yup... his birthday backdrop was made from cloth. I did it purposely in hope that I'll make something with it later... a pillow case.. or else... someday.
And that day was come.
Maybe it was silly... but I think by doing this... later my son will remember how much he was loved by friends.


My sew level is 10 if the scale is between 1-100.
But I have my own sewing machine as my birthday present so... I still have to use it for something :)
I able to mend a broken cloth pants, sew a pencil case, pouch with zipper, anything with straight line basically. Hahaha...
I sew the cloth backdrop with blue cotton cloth... then I add some pom-poms  because I addicted to it. I think it's cute... and my son can't stop biting it! Oh dear...

beg my son to strike a pose with the blankie


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