Pesto Party Pa Ta Ta

yo.. yo.. yo.. It's Pesto !
aha... aha... I'm sharing my Pesto!
i'm so weird cat
various implementations for Our Signature Pesto

thing that would never failed in our house.
every person in the family loves it... and the best part it you can store it on the freezer for 1 month !

our signature pesto is a bit unique. We use local ingredients. Yup.. instead using basil.. we use Indonesia basil a.k.a KEMANGI.
what's the different? the scents are slightly different... (also the price hahaha).

main ingredients :
  • Indonesian's Basil a.k.a Kemangi
  • Coriander Leaves.
known as Cillantro... or Daun Ketumbar.
the comparation is 1:1. I never measure exactly but it was like " 1 ikat dan 1 ikat".

  • medium 
Olive Oil for pasta cooking purposes or Unsalted Butter for baking purposes.
I finished like 3/4 bottle of olive oil... and for baking it's like one butter.

Storage :
I put it on glass jars. divided into small portions. jam jar sized.
Put sticker on the top of the lid that showed the

  • fridge
 about 1 week but keep on checking because it contains no preservatives.
  • frezer
like 1 month (sometimes more... I did more haha...) 

How to make :
basically chopped everything and put it together.
I put it all in my hand mixer and blend it all. If you have food processor the texture could be slightly rough also good.
Also I didn't put salt or pepper on this stage.

Optional :
  • garlic
(can be frozen)
sometimes I put some garlic inside the pesto. some I meant like more than 5 garlics. But I prefer fresh garlic when I'm cooking because it has toasted flavor.
  • Almond grounds
(add it while cooking)
I always have this on my cupboard. It's pretty hard to look in Indonesia because it ain't our common meals... but yeah you can find it on upper class food store... or online... or my favorite store called Kemchicks. Why? because they have local products and some unique items in small packages.
  • tomato
tomato connects well with the flavor of pesto.
  • parmesan
parmesan used after all is cooked. I sometimes used melted cheddar especially for my son.he loves playing with it.

works on :

  • bread spread
spread it and toast a' bit on oven.

  • pasta.

after the pasta boiled. cook it like fried rice. so it's not pour it, ok!
first is chopped garlic... then pasta... spread almond... salt and pepper... cut tomatoes... VOILA. served it with parmesan. I'm hungry.
  • chicken.
use butter for medium. add salt and pepper to pesto. spread it inside the skin for baking whole chicken. if you want to bake breast fillet.. also can 😂
  • ocean fish
Salmon. I live for this.
  • fried rice
do Indonesian's style fried rice with pesto for soy sauce substitutions.
have fun trying !

Happy exploring your kitchen style pesto... and don't forget to tag me!


my son with his made up face blocking my OOTD pose intentionally.

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