Lemon Curds of Intuitions

Grating lemon is also satisfying

too much energy last night and suddenly two lemons appeared on my fridge.
got recipes from [here]
Sally's baking addictions is the best. Thanks Sally!

but since I only had 2 lemons... I reduced everything and ruins the recipes by adding everything according to my intuitions... LOL.
so here it is...

Lemon Curds of Intuitions
able to be stored at our fridge for a week... frozen mode up to 1 month.

  • 2 Lemons. grate the lemons and squeezed all.
  • Unsalted Butter. I don't have this but I have blueband cake & cookie so.. what I did is use a tiny amount of sea salt and about 100gr of this-kind-of-butter.
  • 3 egg yolks. (don't throw away the whites... use for face mask... I read people did that... me? no I won't... I saved the white for pancakes...ha...)
  • 2/3 cup of sugars. I might be should have reduced the sugars since I reduced everything but I think I need this amount of sugars. I think this items will test your palates. haha...
how to make:

This stage was almost break my spirits. I thought I was failed... 
but then I realized that it was meant to looked like that.

I almost lose myself on this stage... when will this over...

  • Prepared the Bain Marie. Do you know what it is? please google it. My Bain Marie was crreated from a big deep pan 22" filled with water.. bring it to boiled.. reduced the heat... and then I will float a stainless steel bowl inside it.
  • Mix all ingredients EXCEPT BUTTER into the bowl.. whisk it.
  • Keep whisk it when you put the stainless bowl into the water pan. in fact.. you have to keep whisking so that the curds didn't turned like bumpy... I'm serious. I almost gave up at this stage because I didn't know what I'm doing anymore. LOL. If you're impatient like me... turn on the heat but make sure keep whisking and make muscles.
  • Keep whisk the curds until it was foamy.. like Hollandaise Sauce... or yellow mayonnaise... keep whisking even when the curds changed all into thick batter.. removed from the heat but keep whisking. untill this stage maybe you experienced 15-20 minutes of continuously never ending whisking.
  • put inside the butter... slowly.. parts by parts... it will melts.
  • Done. Finally.
always put notes on my jars

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