Thirsty Thirty

wish you all the joy in this universe!
Oh dear...
I am 30 years old.
I don't think I'm happy about it.


My mind is very dangerous things... even for myself... 
I have a lot things to plan... lots lots lots of goals...
and targets to be accomplished.
It's not that I'm not grateful 'bout what I reached and have now...
but I think it's natural think for you to want something.
"something" here is not only "thing".. but can be... mmm... maybe a new habit...
yup yup.
I think that explained quite well.

hampers for Christmas that we made.
Next year will be the year for me to be more focus on works. My works on the office and my shops.
because my baby is starting school...

Imagine a life without a goal.
you feel that what you have now is enough...
(I know this is a good traits but keep read to reach my points, OK)
you keep working like a robot without caring your own self development whatsoever.....
I saw this kind of repetitions before and I scared.
being 30 is fells like I almost running out of time.
I used my first quarter of life.
now I have to use what's left for better purposes.
I'm changing my directions and no turning back.


So, I jot down my goals for life after 30.
I deducted into 4 main things.
 to be accomplished or at least get near to it  :

really... for me... Praying is more like to keep your mind and heart straight.
managing and solving problems at the office is fine. Almost everything has answers.
But how about imaginable future questions? questions like "how will I teach my son to be a good person?" or"will earth sustains for my son? for my grandsons?".
ooo don't laugh.. I really have those questions in my mind.
Of course I know that I have to some acts or changes..
but after that I only able to hope for the results.
So, for these kind of questions... I pray to God for the best things do come true :)

also read the bible.
remember, reading the bible supposed to make our heart calm and relieve. 
If by reading made you down in anger or wrath. something is wrong.

Star Wars is happening again

2.DO BLOOD TYPE DIET as much as I can
I did this years ago and my body was naturally losing it unnecessary weights.
I don't plan to have skeleton thin body doh...
I just need to feel more...lighter.
Years ago...
When I was applied this methods to my body, I feel more healthy and active.
I had  reducing mucus on my respiratory systems by avoiding some foods.
yes. I always sneezing every morning like 20 times... or in the middle of the night with lots of mucus when I'm not even sick.
My tummy cycle was good... then no acne problems...
then happy feeling had no constipation (LOL)...
and tummy was in normal flat mode.
I'm not having muscle flat with structural bone showed laaa... that one needs exercise...
and yes it sounds sexy.
but I mean was like my body is happy with it.
the why I didn't do it now?
well... first because I was happily pregnant and willing to eat anything :)
after that I breastfeeding...
after that I was Baby Led Weaning.. means I cooked everything for my baby so that he could learned lots of taste...
and I'm lazy.

do what?

canvas shopping bag that I made for a Christmas hamper.
DO more for this world and DOnate more.
I'm serious. I certainly not will in this world forever. 
I should do more things to make this world a better and livable for next generations.
No I'm not a bluff.
if you read my posts before. I'm scared.
if you watch years of living dangerously... you'll understand.

we can do simple things like :
separating our daily garbage.
use reusable items as much as you can do
less plastic
plant a tree
saying thank you
dine with our family
talk or play with our children
give scholarship
(in Indonesia, people in the big cities actually affordable to give scholarship for people who live far far away in the another islands... a lot of  groups are organizing this kind of scholarship... google this. if you able to do it. do it now )
donate more for environment and humanity.

so sorry but I decided to back off (well not totally) from things that got daily status updating features ( Facebook, twitter, or Path...)
it was because I found that reading people thoughts are not always good.
people's mind are imaginable. can be different from how their act in their daily life.
and sometimes tend to be scary.
I think I grew older and fed too much from it.
I prefer the "one sided" social media I guess... things that only showing your pictures or video...
(instagram... snapchat... )

by writing this I feel old.


in the end of this post,
I wish for all the best for us!
2016 was fruitful.
great on my career but a bit gloomy for tolerance and the mother nature...
you can read how it caused the way I'm thinking.
I'm not even highlighting celebrity who passed away and some unbelievable political issues.
most of people will agree with me this time.




two office puffin muffins playing with cowboy hats.


My photo
an interior designer who loves crafts and not sure whether it was crafting or hoarding. Who is always looks rushing but still managed to cooks, baths, doing detail drawing, and chasing her son all over the place.

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