dinosaur and my feet shape

the yellow line showing the modern land mass

We all told that Earth was got a big land mass that will separated into continent and islands, right? I'm sure you all know about it. What is different now is I imagined it in a stories.
ok.stop here.

Years ago, 
my friend started to enter university to pursuing her dream to become OBSGYN.
She entered a university with a religious educational background...
If you lost here.. it was like a Catholic high school. instead a high school this was a university...
and it wasn't  Catholic. at all.
She then faced a question from her lecturer...
I can't remembered precisely but it almost sounded like this :
"where were human at dinosaur's time... if you said that there were no human... then are you sure you believed that Adam is the first God's creation ? Adam and Eve was the parents of everyone in this Earth... Right ?"

lalalalalala.... *doing fan dancing *why you telling me this
thanks God my passion is in Interior Design, historical architecture, and messing my house with my crafty thing-a-ma-jig.
my lecturer was asked about "how to install glass partitions"-sort-of-questions.

don't asked me the answers. asked someone professional...
whatever I typed below is only my silly crazy mind that has caffeine overdosed.
I drank a cup of instant coffee this morning and  Ice Americano made from Blue Coffee after lunch.
I felt my pupils dilatated. I constantly reminding my brain to inhale and exhale.

I won't talk about "evolution theory" or "Harun Yahya" because it so deep.
Taylor Swift already so deep.
just make it fun.. like how I enjoyed Taylor Swift's songs.

what if people were really existed back there?
human and dino coexisted
they probably just hiding somewhere to avoid those giant creatures ?
their fossils were somehow gone or mixed up by the time of the big floods..
or any other disasters.
yes I'm being silly.. but then not so silly when you read these :
and many more...

I don't care about the answers. It just I think it was quite interesting if  there was time that dinosaurs and human live together. It won't be fun back there tho... remembering that you can be eaten by savage meat eating T-rex or you can randomly picked by flying reptiles : Pteranodon and crew :) 

what if Dinosaur helped people to build Pyramids? 
I watched "The Pyramid Code" and "Bigger than T-Rex" too much on Netflix...
both showed that the terrain on Egypt was so different... I know so little.

back to what we learned at schools.

from Triasic, Jurrasic, Creataceous, to Cenozoic time... or periods.. or whatever.
whenever the lands changed... disasters happen. 
we're not talking a tiny one..
but a big one that probably caused massive extinctions for everything.
one thing that lead one to another.
maybe some asteroids came visit the earth and caused earthquakes.
on of the earthquakes probably caused a volcano to be active... then it's lava burned down everything... it's smokes blocked the airway and nothing to eat... no sunshine.. no photosynthesis... 
land separating... land bridges occurred.. land bridges flooded...
only the strongest survived.
which were sharks, frogs, crocodile family, snakes, turtles, mammals, and else.
you have to start read it by yourself...
I read it here : Dinosaur (my son got it for his birthday from his Eyang).

Those survivors should be sprayed...scattered... existed around the world.
and so are humans.
whatever periods or era or time they lived.
People, animals, and plants started to filling the earth
transferring one side things to another.

and the next thing was
"what filled inside my head along this month"
next after my son school, my online shops, my must-holiday...

those beautiful smart people from the first civilizations...
 travelling to everywhere looking for a new place to live... (have you watch Moana?)
they brought whatever they can squeezed in...
from tools to cattle...
they found islands that probably just popped up from the earth because of the land movements
new places that so fertile... not touched... nice weather.. no winter nor ice blocks...
...no dinosaurs (well.. maybe Komodo Dragons)...
...fishes and fruits everywhere you looked...
They met people who was there from the earlier times because maybe there was a land bridges..
(maybe dinosaur once crossed the bridges too?)
they stayed. mate.have a family.happy.
patati et patata... short story..
and now we have our country, Indonesia.
people sailed, walked, and probably rode dragon here.

dragon might be some dinosaurs too.

you probably got blood from places that you never think of.
maybe you were Egyptian 1% .
you'll never know exactly your roots. like...knowing 100% sure where you came from.
do you guys know about how your feet shaped probably determined your ancestry?
mine probably Greece.
that's why I'm so graceful like Ancient Greece woman...
no I'm not.

I am Sumateranese.
 Sumateranese + Javanese.
to make it easier I am Indonesian.
back there in MOM Singapore applications I jotted down I am Malay Race
now is "with a chance of Greece and Celtic".
I'm not original!
(in an interesting way somehow)

these thoughts started when I was reading my son's book and I finally (inhale.. exhale..)
understanding.. something... that this whole time I refused to let it stayed inside my brain :)

talk to myself : listened to your teachers !
however, it's better late than never...

things that I picked up in (a lil' bit) expert mode are :

How super was the process for Earth end up with continents and islands.

The dinosaurs that lived in every earth periods were different :)
I only acknowledge Jurassic time laaaa

How islands in Indonesia created by nature long after Cenozoic periods.
people probably here because they were climate refugees.

Why we (Indonesian) never found Dinosaur in our backyards.
because I wished I was the chosen one.
try at the sea. I might be lucky.but no thanks.

Why people talked in Bahasa as if I didn't understand 'em.
I probably Greece and my son probably Roman-Greece mixed up.
but my eyes so pointy???


Listening to history or geology teacher was so-not-me.
Hope it's not like that for my son.

I certainly will told this stories to him so that
he could grow up and have a better view of this world than mine.

historically & scientifically
probably... might be...
our great-great-great-super great grandma was from A civilization
who were married with a man from B civilization.

who are you ?

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