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if it was too quiet then it signs of something wrong.

here's a picture of my son innocent smile for you

We went to Yogyakarta to attend our cousins wedding.
do you know where is Yogyakarta?
It located in Java Island. A lil' bit in the middle. actually It is in the middle.
This place is the place where you can see ancient... historical.. megalithic magical things that preserved well among the growth of the city.
there are Candi Borobudur and Candi Prambanan.
put it on your bucket list!
in other words... you can go by cars to visit them... bring along your kids without have to camp somewhere in the middle of the volcano.
yes, Yogyakarta is also got Merapi volcano which still active.


airport OOTD.
despite my lots of "why" questions 'bout the details, I actually kinda like new airport terminal.
I felt the willingness of accepting a new kind of design for Indonesia's buildings.
Just a little glitch that caught by my eyes and I can't get over it haha...
.I can't stop
ex. the steel bar that popped out.. it's there.. lines near my head... 
I think it's supposed to be under the ceiling???
next is the patchy carpets...


happy wedding, guys!

wearing modern style kebaya.
it was in the middle of the day... open air... I'm melting, my inner-kebaya was wet.


enjoying gelato in a sunshiny day

and here some photos to remember our last trip in 2016 :

tadaaa !

the entrance gate.
@ keraton Ratu Boko

Keraton Ratu Boko is an ancient palace build for Ratu Boko.
Sadly we'll see only the ruins. some of the building base still exists.
Not only you'll saw a magnificent entrance made of blocks of stones also 
there was this humongous rock that being carved by that time.
It almost impossible to imagined they really did it.

and from where did the rock is came?
greetings from the top of the rock.



Lava tour !

Lava tour @ Merapii

don't bring your babies to ride the jeep if you aren't sure with your survival mode.
It was very bumpy roads and chance for you to flipped from your seats is very high.
when it wasn't raining... it will be dusty.
why? because you entered the path of Merapi's Lava when it was erupted.

go to Kaliurang area and you'll find a lots of Jeep (rangers included as the driver) for rent.
it was the best part of our trip so far.
they'll show you beautiful place and told you stories.
always be grateful and respect our mother nature.

it was like tilt 30-45° terrains. I have no Idea.


see you !

see you again, Yogyakarta!

this trip was our second time on December.
unplanned, we was scheduled to flight for Yogyakarta 2 times in 3 weeks.
and yes. We Like Yogyakarta. especially in the mountain area.
both of us started to thinking about make a living there.
what do you think ?


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