A Dinosaur Party

family picture

Hey.. hey it's your birthday! We gonna party like it's your birthday!...
and it was yours!

My son birthday is Dino Themed Birthday!
Watercolor sketch by me.
My son said that it was his picture with Alligator hat. don't see that coming.


we booked a futsal fields so that kids can running around playing balls.
Unfortunately the weather was so far predicted from the google weather data. Google said it supposed to be light rain and sunny.. turned out it was very SUNNY!
too much sun dose.. we even got sunburn on our skin!
the decoration : the triangle banner made from paper. used papers from our office. 
the decor was simple since we have to take it out fast after the party.

me and my husband had no idea what to do... and my son almost ate the candles
My friend was the one who took this photo.. and other photos. We completely forget to took lots of  photos.
The birthday cake isn't the fancy fondant one like toddlers usually have but it was still yummy.
It was from The Harvest . Red velvet cake, We bought it on the D-day since they were open at 7am.
Why? because we tried to move the cake budget to the catering. Mommy tried to be Savvy. haha...
The catering was sooooo good.
The place named The Walking Drums on Jalan Pakubuwono area.
We had Chicken wings, Potato Wedges, 2 kind of Pizzas, Ice Tea, and Ice Cream.
Their Pizza had this special crusts... sort of pastry crunch skin but it's not :)
it was very nice... even my son friend's dad who is Italian liked it.
Italian testimonial on Pizza matter :)

I kept told my self  while choosing the catering menu that it was no pressure.. no pressure.. then it became pressure... LOL

from our view :)
Thank you friends for coming!

Arranging this birthday party was sooooo... special experiences. At first it was hold because of Indonesian political issues. The protester was took over the main road and caused some minor riot. But riot still riot. Still gave fear. Then we decided to postpone the party 'till 2 weeks later.
On the D-Day my son wasn't well. He was so quite and I can't believe it myself that he refused to eat.
We don't know what's happen 'till after this party he was hospitalized for 2 nights because of very bad Urticaria.

But he's healthy as a horse now!

My photo
an interior designer who loves crafts and not sure whether it was crafting or hoarding. Who is always looks rushing but still managed to cooks, baths, doing detail drawing, and chasing her son all over the place.

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