3rd year : dino busy jar

my son "busy jars" as the favor bags.

My son is 3 years old !
we decided to made a little celebration for him... 
also since he able to asked for "blowing the birthday candlec" :)
My son told me by himself who he wants to invite to his party.
He mentions several names.. I helped him of course.
I did some research on the internet, it said that a 3 years old toddler can has 20 persons in his inner circle... and it was true! My son is able to mentions well his 20 same-aged- friends and some adults.

dino themed birthday.
I glued some dino figure on the top of plastic cookie jar.

This year my son is addicted into dinosaur.
He able to recognized some unique dinosaur by the pictures... not just the common ones like T-rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, etc... he was able to named Cryolophosaurus, Baryonix, Psittacosaurus, etc. He's in Expert Level I guessed... haha...

this is what inside .
(Buttons game, ice sticks game, pencils set, magic dinosaur, and a zipper)
My son loves to open-closed the zipper. I hope other kids too.

We decided to changed the common favor bags into a busy jar. 
3 years old mostly already in preschool. what they do basically practicing their motor skills.
We put some games in the jar so (hope) later they can be "busy" wherever they bring it. They can also use the jar as a container for everything.

Also I made some so- called manuals.

As we ( me and husband) promised,
my son won't got birthday party anymore 'till he's 17th or 21st birthday :)


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