It was because my son. Our sons.
This year... well actually it begun when I started to make my own living. Bold-ly said... when I'm not freeloading anymore... I started to read and though deeply about foods and products that I used.
This year is the year where I begin to settle my home concept.
it was CLEAN.
Yes. I tried to be clean on eating, clean from harsh chemicals, minimized wastage, and make sure my wastage is properly disposed. In the end I hoped I'll have a clean body and soul.
i think I experienced a toddler-blues.

I read about how this world is aging. How It's aging faster because of humans demands are humongous. I scared. Scared of everything that might be happen and what if my son couldn't grow well because of it.
I can't imagine my son will live without clean water.
Then I read about all this processed food, genetically modified organism, about cancer, baby who born with cancer, caters who exposed to unhealthy stuffs, new diseases, and I think I read too much.. I watched too much... I scared of dying.

my house life is almost  80% CLEAN. Me and my husband run our house together. My son also involved with tiny tasks like pack the toys, wipe spilled drinks, stack the books, and other easy chores. I'm the one whose responsible to provide the products and then we running all together. Surely, I choose the safest products. I choose the Non SLS/any other sulfates, no parabens, no phtalates, non GMO, whatsoever I even choose the fair trade products.
Fair-Trade? I don't want a product that cultivated with slavery -like system.
Don't ask with the food. maybe now I have a green tummy.

I changed my point of view.
I self-taught my mind that if you spend some amounts for items that isn't worthy.. that is PRICEY.
so Pricey? NO.
I even can let my excess water from the laundry go to the ocean safely (but I don't),  for the garden (I will if I had any), and also safe for the septic tank. don't laugh. if the krill died... what will little fish eats? if little fish died what will big fish eats? what will my son eat if all the big fishes were contaminated and high on toxic. Do you know that the nuclear power plant that damaged by the earthquake in Japan put a tiny amount of radiation in our seafood? yes I sound like an old lady who sat in the chair on the corner of her lonely home accompanied with cats.
  • Use napkins as possible as you can.
  • Double sided your paper and gave it to your toddlers for sketching :)
  • Separates your trash.
  • Clean your bottles before dump them.
  • Wrap your glass waste well so that nobody hurts.
  • re-use everything.

just spend some times to read the back of your products about what was written there. Is it Legal Woods? Is it real juice or just some Flavored coloring items? Is it real nuts or genetically modified nuts? Healthy greenies or some over fertilizer veggies with anti-pest spray covering? knock... knock wood. I won't feed my family with it.

I redirecting my life.
small changes count.
a change is precious.

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an interior designer who loves crafts and not sure whether it was crafting or hoarding. Who is always looks rushing but still managed to cooks, baths, doing detail drawing, and chasing her son all over the place.

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