Power Pot Pie

crack the top with a spoon. It was always satisfying.
this the single served pie.

So, my soon got fever, cough, and runny nose. complete classic virus set. d'oh.
I decided to cook Chicken Pot Pie. My version of chicken pot pie in purpose to soothe his tummy.
I named it Power Chicken Pot Pie because it contains almost everything from your fridge :)
My husband enjoyed it (he had no other choices)... I enjoyed it... My Son? we had to spoon fed him because I think his throat was in pain... you poor thing..
that's why don't eat kerupuk too much! :(

Power Chicken Pot Pie
not suitable for freezing
about 45-60 minutes including preparations but  excluding defrost your pastry puffs :)

I don't put measurement on my recipe because you can make your own preferable composition.

  • chicken cube
  • carrot. peeled.chopped small for toddler.
  • spinach. chopped. chop like you mean it. :) I used the red because The Local Store send me that :) this item is optional. Spinach didn't really suitable for freezing. we'll lose the benefits from it. However, spinach (for me) has no distinctive taste or smell. So whenever I had it on my fridge I put it on my food (porridge, quiche, omelette, etc).
  • Celery. also finely chopped.
  • Potato. peeled. cut in small cubes. No, I don't have potato when I made that day. But it nicer to have potato. I did it. I just don't have it that day. :)
  • Onion. chopped.
  • grated cheddar
Others :
  • Puff Pastry sheets. I bought the frozen one. cheating.
  • Milk. I used UHT.
  • Evaporated Milk. optional. it just I felt it always taste creamier with this.
  • Mustard. I saw Jamie Oliver  put it but until now I hadn't taste it on my mouth. I keep wondering why but however I kept on put it. Maybe I will try Dijon Mustard when I finish my common mustard bottle.
  • Flour. for thickening.
  • Olive Oil
  • Butter
  • Deep baking tray/ramekin. like the one for pound cake.

this is the one from my baking tray. it looks messy but it was yummy and comforting.
try it!

How to do it :
  • Make sure your pastry puffs is shaped like the container that will you used for baking. Not to precise. give it some "frame" part for folding.
  • heat up the oven 185°C. Heat up the sauce pan. Pour some olive oil and some average amount of butter. Let it melt. Put inside Onion, chicken cube, carrot, and potato. cook it until the Onion become transparent. Season it with salt and pepper. I did put some Garam Masala :)
  • while you waiting for the onion to transparent, in other bowl, pour milk and mix it with some mustard and flours. Just some amount of flour for thickening. Mix it. make sure it has no lumps. I did this because I not too handy with mesh strainer in my left hand and spatula in my right hand... haha...
  • Pour the mixtures. keep on stirring. really. or it will be too thick.
  • when it became thicker... and thicker.. and thicker.... and thicker... put the grated cheddar, spinach, and celery inside... mixed it for a while. turn off the heat. I don't want to overcooked the greenies.
  • Move it to your deep baking tray / ramekin for individual size. I did both. Just don't over fill it because it will touched the pastry sheets. One time I cooked the filling right away on the baking tray.! Easier.
  • cover the top with Puff Pastry. Like Zuppa Soup. Fold it. brush it with butter. Bake it for about 15-20 minutes. Don't loose your eyes on it. If it's already golden brown then just end the baking process.

he got runny nose but still play on the sand pit. well, what can I do...
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