introduce to bo.te.yo

This is BO.TE.YO a shop selling outer, dedicated for women in tall sized.
founded by me and my school friend, we promised to keep make people effortlessly chic in our outer.

The idea was occurred when I felt too hectic to dress up... I don't have enough time to do beauty preparations... just want to dress up fast but I need to go outside... meeting real people... do various activities. I need something to pump up the looks. seriously.
NOT that I want everyone to be lazy for dress up.
It just that I realized that this cover up-slash-outer is able to do it for me.
I'm not worried my belly or my back being displayed when I lift the groceries. I still able to cover while breastfeeding my son without have to bring another items. I able to changed from deadlines-messy to meeting-ready just by cover up, put some lip gloss, body spray, ponytails, and go!

We finished (well, some items will go for sale) our 1st collection HOORAY! and preparing for new concept which is more uplifting.

surely suits for Hijab style.

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