2nd year favor bags

I should post this a year ago when my son was 2 years old!

When he was 2 years old,  I decided to made some favor bags for his school friends. It was only 12 bags filled with toys, so-called toys,... and loves ♥♥♥ .
He was fond of Thomas and Friends (still) so we chose it for that year theme.
This also my first project in Cimikdut

There are markers, crayons, play doh, apron, temporary tattoos, a free allergies lollipop, and a train figure from "thomas and friends series" inside... Well, my son's friends will be also 2 years old too... as a mom of 2 years old, I'm not really letting my son eating candies too much, fake sugars, or other mono sodium glutamate foods... so.. why gave it to other's son/daughter?
No offense, we appreciate all the favor bags that we got but it just always end up that I hid it in our cupboard then me/husband ate it. Did you do that too? or is it only me?

Play Doh, temporary tattoos in wraps, apron (yes I sew that by myself), and Free Allergy Lollipop (gluten, soy,nuts,coloring,whatsoever Free)

the markers and crayons are suits for 2 to 3 years old.
Non Toxic if they accidentally swallow it. Easy to wipes if it wasn't on paper or porous surfaces.
Trust me it will happens. You'll need it.

Ta daa.. this is my own creation. an Apron for the kids so they can explore anything happily.

My son is 3 years old  now. Talk a lot. Sing a lot. Jump and boo-boo too much.
For his celebrations, we also will do something specials. keep on reading!
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