do the muffin !

wish we have a 600mm x 600mm oven... Amin...

yup.. that's my wish for this time.
we only have a small oven. only half height from that one.
but it still working so I don't have a plan to change it... even though I want it...

woman !

I baked some cheese muffin. followed a recipes from a cook book.

I read the ingredients and the instructions in hurry...

come on... muffin is easy as pie....

then I realize that  there was no egg on the list. Oh dear... I baked half the batter...

how come?

thgen I realized that the egg didn't listed on the i gredients parts.. but stated on the instructions... ewww...

the one with the egg is on the aluminium cup.

actually the taste didn't have that much difference.
only the fluffiness affected.
my son loves it...
he ate 1 and some of the smalest cupcake size.
I served this with dilluted cranberry juice.

new entertainment near our place.
self-service laundry...

it's laundry day!

my son also loves this.
our homemade energy bar.

peanut paste (leftover homemade from "tolo" peanuts and coconut sugar)
oats... lots of oats to adjust the textures
cinnamon powder
chocolate powder

we have a lots of dates stocks.
It was buy one get one promo... and I was impulsive.

I also cooked it with chicken and lemon juice
yumm yumm...

chicken... slow cooked with dates...
big boss approves.. little boss approves...

chicken, carrots, dates
lemon juice

cook it on smallest ignition that you can get...
hints: stirfried the chicken first before adding water. this will make the chicken tender.

second time... I used yoghurt instead of baking powder
and adding asome mangoes.
taste lil bit sour... but yummy...
my son loves it!



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