moody baby

ohh I'm exhausted... I think if I'm a machine I'm having a break down now.

my son is teething. there's a time that he refused to eat the food I given. of course. he's normal.
but it's stressing. he only played with it... eat some... spit some... or he only eat the rice... do not want to eat the broccoli...

maybe he isn't comfortable with his sore gum... I have to be more creative served him food....

anyway.... we bought some Crayola from an online store. my friend told me that there's a sale on Lazada for Crayola. they sold it on a package.

I want to teach my little hugglemonster about art. So I'm looking for some media to do it safely.
I've been looking for Crayola in some bookstore and no one carried it in Indonesia. I end up bought Giotto bé-bé spidols, Faber Castell crayons,  and Maped pencil colors. Also good brands. but Crayola is cheaper.
why must that brands? because they goit some products that dedicated for toddler. washable and non toxic.

my husband asked me "so, you mean it's okay to eat the crayons?"
of course not... eat crayons is only for mice... human don't eat crayons. it's only if accidentally eaten it didn't cause major probs... rite?

spidols : he ate it. easy. now he know how to open the cap and try to make scratchy lines everywhere.

crayons : too many colors. he wants to eat it all the time. no chance for now.

Pencil colors : too pointy. I don't know why I bought that. not suit at all.

gave him some ham... only ate the ham..

mixed rice (salmon, spinach, carrot,tomato)
really really only eat the rice...

scribble scribble


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