grocery shooping is one of my mind theraphy...
I can stay on an aisle for long time just to read names of products from corner to corner...
my husband hate this...
it takes forever for me to pick a jam.

not only this problem.. next thing is the weights.
we must carried our little hugglemonster and also our groceries. not easy.seriously.
especially when we have 5kgrice, meats, veggies, soaps, detergentsetc.

then I found this!
one of the online shop that sells groceries online. even though it got no meats, veggies, cheese and anything else that fresh.... this site is pretty helpful for us.
delivered only in 2 days of work (but please read your item availability)
nice right :)

milk, tea, noodle, rice, condiments, soaps, cooking oil.. all is send to our apartment...
and sometimes they got promo for their items... yeayyy!!!

don't forget to bought some Javara items.
organic, local, affordable
all come fit boxed.

my son loves noodles (but I can't give him noodles all the time)
I'm using Javara Carrot noodless... at least it makes me less worried when using organic stuffs.
The noodles was served with minced chicken + mushroom braised in soy sauce + some bok choy.

lunch :
I made a sweetcorn+tomato+chicken fritters.
ususally he loves this menu... but now he only picked the sweetcorn.

however.... he loves the dip...
mayonnaise + plain yoghurt (1:1)
but not for long...

I think he's a lil bit cranky because he didn't got his 10 am sleep routine.
the signs are:
he was begging hard to out from his highchair.
asked for boobies
sleep immediately(of course)


hope all be better tomorrow...

love you!
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