edamame everywhere

it's Monday! and it's Car Free Day...
let's take a break for a ticks and a tocks....
yesterday my son's mood was nicer than the day before.

mixed rice (salmon, broccoli shaped carrots, edamame, sweet corn)
my son loves it!
his appetite comeback!

yesterday we went out for lunch with a friend.
maybe my son felt a new environment. He ate happily.
the portions? of course he didn't finish it all. I must balanced the portions because some parts will just end up on floor.
but he definitely ate the shaped carrots! cute!

at home I cooked a soup.
it was raining cats and dogs. really. It was indy.
we walk under the rain and big winds.
soup will be perfect for that time.
it was Chicken, tofu, shaped carrots, edamame, and quinoa.
quioa got mild taste. My son didn't bother.
the broth taste warm and spicy because I add some
cinnamon powder, cloves powder, and nutmeg powder

porcelain bowl...?!
that was mine.
 he begged to eat from it...
but he really did.. 
he enjoyed fishing edamame.
keep on!

need to redo my blue hair...
lazy sunday!


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