oh my chickpeas

 late for posting these set menu.
my post hanging out in space thanks to my blogger apps on my tab! grmblllll....

banana vanilla smoothies
(banana+vanilla beans+plain yoghurt+plain milk+few mangoes)

easy as pie.

I tried to put it on his beaker...
for me, I preferred the straw cup because it can reached the lower part of cup.

along with the smoothies, I served him French toast with cinnamon sprinkler.

didn't worked very well that day :(
I don't know why but usually he loves it...

he only ate few of the middle parts.
the crusts? no he didn't like it since the beginning.

overall, he only enjoy the smoothies.
Who doesn't?

Lunch time:
falafel; my kind-of falafel with peanut dip
(served with plain rice and some stir fried veggies.)

Falafel is easy to make.. but...
it was easy to be squeezed by little hugglemonster.
I tried this recipe before... too many mess made by him-less part eaten.

I tried to fried it with some eggwash+flours (white flour+cornstarch) to create a firmer outside.
but still my son loves to squeeze it.

2 stars from me.

but for adults it 5 stars 'coz it's so yummy...

chickpeas+mungbeans (boiled + mashed)
mixed flour
caraway powder

he didn't enjoyed it for lunch...
too happy squeezed it.
he only picked the plain rice and the stir fried veggies.

stir fired veggies / cap cay:
shredded chicken
sesame oil
tiny tiny pinch of salt
lil bit water
flour+corn starch as thickening agent

(actually this recipes is for adults. I served small parts for him)

But on dinner he eat the falafel!
he use baby fork to smash it and mixed it with the peanut dip then eat it.
new trick learned...

and this is the dip

peanut sauce + milk cooked with lemon grass.

for the peanut sauce, I made it from scratch.
at the first time I tried to make peanut butter.
But it failed, so it end up in different menu.

"tolo" peanuts (fried without oil/boiled)
coconut sugar

I think I didn't process it very well at the beginning so when I put it all into blender I still got some chunks. Bad chunks because it was seriously hard. Can't be chewed.

I just keep it inside a jar and if I want to use it I have to boil it like a minutes with additional water to get rid of the chunks. it works.  

bye bye Moleskine!
my son know how to open spidol's cap.


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