Saturday, February 23, 2013

January in Bali

Finally, we have our honeymoon!

and update my blog ☺

So in January 2013,
we went to Bali and Lombok island..
both are in Indonesia...
their location are side by side for information... 

silly him...
he's a flight enthusiast...
so happy flew with Qatar Airways

1st night dinner @ bubba gump

2nd day @ Ubud


 @ Kou Cuisine, Ubud-Bali
must try their Salt Caramel Jam... Heaven!

 @ Kou soap, Ubud-Bali
I love their jasmine soap... very nice...
so I bought some candy sized for colleagues


 I forgot what's the cafe named..
It was rain.. heavy rain.. so we dropped by here and enjoyed a cup of coffee...

blue stone.. a very nice aromatherapy shop..
I regret only bought the muscle balm,
so when my hubby's colleague went to Bali I asked her to bought me the mist :D

 it's time for Lombok!..
20 minutes by airplane..
or you can use speedboat..
I swear you have to go there... !

 call me weird.. but i wish they installed the lights on a perfect line...

 honeymoon continue @ Lombok!