January in Bali

Finally, we have our honeymoon!

and update my blog ☺

So in January 2013,
we went to Bali and Lombok island..
both are in Indonesia...
their location are side by side for information... 

silly him...
he's a flight enthusiast...
so happy flew with Qatar Airways

1st night dinner @ bubba gump

2nd day @ Ubud


 @ Kou Cuisine, Ubud-Bali
must try their Salt Caramel Jam... Heaven!

 @ Kou soap, Ubud-Bali
I love their jasmine soap... very nice...
so I bought some candy sized for colleagues


 I forgot what's the cafe named..
It was rain.. heavy rain.. so we dropped by here and enjoyed a cup of coffee...

blue stone.. a very nice aromatherapy shop..
I regret only bought the muscle balm,
so when my hubby's colleague went to Bali I asked her to bought me the mist :D

 it's time for Lombok!..
20 minutes by airplane..
or you can use speedboat..
I swear you have to go there... !

 call me weird.. but i wish they installed the lights on a perfect line...

 honeymoon continue @ Lombok!


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an interior designer who loves crafts and not sure whether it was crafting or hoarding. Who is always looks rushing but still managed to cooks, baths, doing detail drawing, and chasing her son all over the place.

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