hometown sins

I went back to Indonesia last Chinese New Year....
I don't celebrate it.. even though I look like do..
but the timming was very perfect to have a week of joy at my hometown.

I made a wishlist.. about everything that I want to do.. visit.. and eat..
not accomplished.

Monday, after a lil' lunch on my mom's house.. I still have a place in my tummy to eat this.
A set of Nasi Timbel in Punclut.
Brown Rice, Grilled Chicken, Steamed Fish, Tofu, Tempe, Sambal....

almost midnight.. 
the Pempek is on the neighboorhood!!!
can not resist...!
The seller was riding a modified motorcycle... riding it around the cluster with an annoying songs...
it's signature...

Tuesday... the tempting ribs!
damn.. still can't forget it..
ate it like Barbarian..
used hand!
reminded me to Obelix ad his grilled Pork

It named Konro

Made from cow ribs... served in two ways... inside the soup... Sop Konro... 
or barbequed it and served with the soup aside a.k.a Sop Konro Bakar..

yes.. Bakar means Burned.. Barbeque.. Grilled... any all the things that set into flame... 

The two famous restaurant that I know.. those are Sop Konro Karebosi ad Sop Konro Marannu.


Wednesday is a Mee day...!
Noodle with meatballs... gyoza... dumpling...
The restaurant named Mie Akung.
my Mom and Hubby's favorite....
I also eat the Fruit Rujak.. see it in the picture?

After ate Mie Akung.. I walked to the parking lot.. suddenly.. like a mermaid calling from the sea..
I can't miss this!

Durian Ice cream!
with real Durian inside and chocolate milk as the topping...

Thursday, I went to my aunt's home.
The got their Cempedak fruit ripe on the tree.
This was my fist time ate it.
taste like Durian... mix with Jackfruit...

skip... I forgot what I ate on Friday.. Saturday..


This gluttonous things you can get it near my ex-uni.

I order Iced Caramel Latte.. and Colenak.

Colenak is grilled fermented cassava.. served with melted brown sugar and coconut.

The cafe named Ngopi Doeloe.

Served the best coffee so far.

they used AROMA KOFIE.
local coffee bean shop since.. i don't know..
very long time ago.. the still keep the shop like the old time !

for me AROMA KOFIE is better than Starbucks.. really.


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