The honey brothers

better late than never...
recently, I heard The Honey Brothers on tv
They was performed in 90210..
of course.. normal... I got my view on Adrian Grenier..
"is it the man who played with Sabrina the teenage witch?"
I google it...


wew.. they just got 2 albums...

Honey 4 U (2003)

01. Honey 4 U
02. Some of them are nice days
03. LIttle Boy
04. Drunkards Lament
05. Ze last drag
06. Coney Island (I am yours)

Songs for Your Sister (2006)

01. Mighty Jones
02. O Dear (live)
03. Some Of Them Are Nice Days
04. The Drunken Prowler
05. I feel gay
06. Thats a keeper
07. Monkeywrencher Love Song
08. You Will Succeed
09. Ze Last Drag (intro)
10. Ze Last Drag (live)
11. Laundry Room Piano
12. Wife During Wartime (live)
13. Greensleeves

and also their winter tour album for Songs for Your Sister (2006)

the guitar sounds  unique...
but it will remind you to Oxford Comma... for me it is...
but I think it's not guitar.. it's ukulele in some part..
and bongo?
I don't know..
but it makes me dancing!
heart and toes
let's listen to them !


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