hello, boy!

This is my friend, Aleyndra
grandson of the owner of the house which the room I rent
he talks in English and Indonesia

 Garcons toujour garcons
he loves to play dirt..
cracked paint
throw branches into the fish pond
or forced me to wait he cooked pizza from leaves and pretend to ate it...
he is cute overall...

this is his wellington
he often wore it when playing in the garden or bicycle 
he asked me many questions..
"why you don't have a car?"
"why do you wear that outfit? It's for go to the mall.. not for working..."
"do you like fish"
"why did you live in Yangti's (grandma) backyard?"
"are you scared of the dark there?"
"where do you eat? you don't have a kitchen?"


My photo
an interior designer who loves crafts and not sure whether it was crafting or hoarding. Who is always looks rushing but still managed to cooks, baths, doing detail drawing, and chasing her son all over the place.

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