the november's ballad

dialog between heart and mind:

Everytime November ends
something sad always happen
felt i was neglected
felt i was forgotten

This supposed to be not occure?
I already got my sunshine to erase the rain...

Everytime November ends
this will be the time when i tried to say hello
but the rain not hear me
will not hear me anymore

Ooh this mind just like an automatic greetings that can't be shut!

Everytime November ends
I realized that my space had been erased
even though i'm still hoping that i wasn't replaced.
i knew about this.. i just wanna be stupid to doing it again..

This feeling makes me mean...
I'm loving these sun rays but hoping the rain still come periodically.

when the rain comes,
this feeling so blue..
then comes the sun..
gave me the rainbow....
gave me his warmth...
is it wrong if i want the rain come again? 


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