Monday, November 15, 2010

Jakarta Motocycle Exhibition 2010-BITE on I'ts Borneo

i was there with my boyfriend. This event was recommended by our friend, William...
nothing to lose...

this was a scooter.. i guess so... ???

Jetson!!!! you're fired!...

it was held on Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan
it was pretty fun..
I'm not a motorcycle fan..
but i'm enjoy looking at some motorcycle modifications that showed

down to earth

my fave part :

she's blocking my vision!... hahahahha

kamen rider ?

Wall-E 's friend...


spot something catchy...!

do you know who she was?
me not...

then we saw BITE!
they were performed on It's Borneo cafe..
everything were free flow!


hi, babe !


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