"i light" marina bay art festival !

this was made from trash!... bottle water... a lot of bottle water!
remind me to DNA... (too much CSI)

that famous Merlion...
it just too obvious.. merlion.. mermaid and lion... half mermaid.. half lion... 
I can't stop thinking the opposite of it.. a lion with head of a fish... hahahaha

try to have some fun....

boo! boo!... do you scared?


an ANIMAL TREE! it was made from Teddy Bears!

this Teddy Bear.. I wish I had one... I want to fill it with coins...!

I want to hop on it!

just anoter skyline.... night skyline ♥♥♥

I swear... it was a super hot day!
my face was wet... not oily...

note: please bring lots of tank top next time!


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