let's stop at Aloha Aina


a mixed sashimi with some olive oil.. a greenies ( I dunno exactly what is that )...

two thumbs up!!!

Pulehu beefsteak

i love the meat juice...


it was raining cats and dogs...
me, my boyfriend, and his little brother really starved... stuck in the car..
when we drove in Jl. Diponegoro, Bandung, Indonesia
we saw Aloha Aina Resto...
we stop there..

it was made by Chef Dimas..
he was learned Hawaiian cuisine in Hawaii..
he also a wrestling player there.. nick named : THE ROCK

what an interesting fact!

the interior of the small restaurant was good..
it gots Bamboos on the wall and the furniture..
the table set was made from terracota..
sweet idea to represent Hawaii...
many pineapples..

sorry I forgot to picture the restaurant...
I was so amazed by the food...

especially the reasonable price part!

Loco Moco

a rice.. with sort of homemade burger meat...


Pineapple-Caramel Pancake



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