please comeback, Elmo!

1 September 2010 will be remembered as the saddest first day of my life ( I hope I never got any saddest day ).

I got a news that Elmo was gone.

Elmo was went out and never comeback.

I believe that Elmo was able to back alone, but as we all thought, Elmo was taken by someone... :'(

What a vicious man.. I hope he rotten in hell...

Elmo was lived with us for about 8 years. He is 10 years onld now. A spoiled-stupid-sweet Golden Retriever.

He was so friendly to me and my family.

He was never licked.

He was never enter my house without permission.

oughhh... I'm so sad...

I'm so sad.. especially when people ho were being asked for Elmo existence point to a man.

But I can not accused that man.

Oh God, please help me... or please make Elmo healthy and happy for the rest of his life.

Elmo was sick when he was lost.

He throw everythings that he ate.

Please.... God.. I hope Elmo is in a good condition now.

I love you, Elmo

We love you...

i love to talk to Elmo when there was nobody around... really... i was talk like talk to a friend.. about my problems.. about my love.. my life...

it was so relieving.. tremembered that he was never grieved to heard me talk.

Oh.. I'm so sad...


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