Mr. Joe Rabbit's one room apartment

this is my works at boring time...
made a character that someday I'll be put his/her life into a story..
publish it...
it's sounds silly...
I never end all my stories...
i hate myself for being this...

who is Mr. Joe Rabbit?
He is a rabbit... yes he is..
He is studying history, a pop-style person, love the music.
He is living downtown now..
Mr. Joe Rabbit is a very neat person.

When I said neat.. it means NEAT..
He loves his book to put alphabetically order.
He loves his clothes to be hanged.. because he doesn't like lids on his clothes.

His friends like to go to his house, eating stir carrots that he cook.
They ate and watching TV together.. chat until noon... studying history for the exams..
Usually they stayed in Mr. Joe Rabbit's apartment and overslept on the couch..
or just move the coffee table next to the wall and sleep inside the sleeping bag over the carpets.

When nobody came, Mr. Joe Rabbit love to sit beside the window. Drinking a glass of coffee and watch the girl next door arived from her ballet class :D


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an interior designer who loves crafts and not sure whether it was crafting or hoarding. Who is always looks rushing but still managed to cooks, baths, doing detail drawing, and chasing her son all over the place.

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