loveshugah's solo exhibition 2010

adapted from" roro jongrang" legend

this is my friend, Amalia Kartika's solo exhibition..
i love her works...
who doesn't?
the works are really fun.. funny.. attractive..
located at Kemang Icon..

the title of the exhibition was : HAPPILY NEVER AFTER...
i love the characters.. it's Amel and her boyfriend, Yurra... they were wearing sort of costume or hood... some of the works were titled like traditional Indonesia's urban legend such as Roro Jongrang... Indonesia's dance such as Reog Ponorogo.. Srikandi and Arjuna...
some of them adapted from our bedtimes stories...
snow white, alice in wonderland, and Pinocchio!

adapted from" reog ponorogo"

adapted from" Arjuna and Srikandi"

adapted from" Pinnochio"

adapted from" Alice in Wonderland"

adapted from" Snow White"

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