what am i doing?

morning red

blazer: hmm it's my mom's
under blazer: hmmmmm.. it's my mom too...
black tailor pants : no label attached on it because i buy it on the market for 40k
shoes : i buy it on sale.. when i pull out the sticker.. voila.. it's Edward Forrer...

i try to make this post look lke those fashion blogs, but it just look awful.. i don't have labels on my cloth from head to toe... hahahhahaha... doh..


jackets : my aunt at Maryland gave it to me
Shirt : blah... it's only 20k at Pasar Baru, Bandung
Jeans : Levi's "Eve"
Shoes : same shoes like before... pathetic..

fun tailored-me

blazer : Accent
Legging : my aunt gave it.. again...
Stiletto : Vincci

it's very funny.. because nothing important thing i used... FAILED to be fashion blogger i think... hahaha

maybe i'll be the example for those who bankrupt.. don't have the ability to spend money on those designer's



bored at the office because evbody was went to client's place...patati et patata..
if i'm feeling bored, is this right? is this really supposed to be my career?


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