yippee! its my bessday!

bessday cake from my mom and dad!

this 25 December 2009 i turn 23... wewwww... i'm old.... hahahaha...
it makes me think, "what should i do for tomorrow.. and tomorrow...?"
i still have so many goals that havent accomplished
like a new bicycle, a new mp3 player, a new note book, a new shoes.. a new cloth :P
and off course.. reducing names of people that i hate... hahahahahha
i'm so evil..
i supposed to be more good.

look.. it's my cadeau from boyfriend!
a bouquet of roses and a chicken bank!

WHT? a chicken bank? (you said) WHY?
because i like it.. i always said.. please buy me that when i past the chicken bank stall. i alwways want it. so when my birthday come, my lovely boyfriend gave it to me... TWO!
one with original chicken colour.. one white chicken...
thank you! xoxo...

the package! the shoes was from his mother.. :D

lunch at Eastern!

my mom always want to eat peking duck.. so i make it happe on my bessday! we ate at Eastern restaurant!... peking duck.. yummy yummy...
the best part is the dim sum..
i love eastern restaurant

dinner @ sushi tei
a monster's going to lick jumbo dragon roll so i can't eat it...!

at the night, after dinner with him.. me going to met some old friends from my junior high school... actually they all my seniors.. ypuhh...
pretty awkward.. little bit odd feeling..
but its fun...
i got my first cocktails after not drinking for months..
it's Caipirinha..
a friend told me that it's her favourite. When i read the menu VOILA.. it's there.. so i order it...
and it taste good...

me and sashia

before Dimas get tipsy

Thank you for blessing me, God!


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