Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kelom oh kelom...

i love kelom geulis !

this is the kelom geulis that my dad bought for me and my mom.. but it's for my mom now.. my gigantic feet doesn't fit in... ughhh i really.. surely... devastatingly... want kelom geulis..

one producent that famous enough is KELOM GEULIS "KENG".. available at Cihampelas.

what is kelom geulis? kelom geulis is categorized handcraft... wooden shoes... with cloth strap. the heels is painted manually by the artist... this product was a PRIMADONA... superstar.. but time goes by, no youth loves kelom geulis.. except me.. i always heart ♥♥♥ kelom geulis no knows why...

everytime i went to Rajapolah, handcraft center in west java, there's no size for me.. ughhh... :(

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