three stooges watching G.I.Joe


this is my bf with his friends.. his friends since he was sat on elementary school. They act wildly.. laughing... slapping like they were still kids.. haha... it's funny to watch them... time goes buy.. they have their own university, friends, and finally that three stooges got their own foxy..
those stooges were just lucky... :)

we had triple dates that day.. watching G.I Joe.. have you watch G.I.Joe at the cinema? that movie is souwww... damn.. funny... there is a quote said that Taste is what you can not buy with money... for this movie.. i think it's appropriate to say Taste is what you can not buy with effects... haha.. that movie is very gross.. for me and my bf who think the same... G.I.Joe reminds me to Spy Kids.. but now, that spy kids grew up...

the story of the movie easy to be guess.. me and my bf already able to guess who is this man.. who was that man... piece a cake!
a ninja.. a not-talking-ninja... a big hole-nosed lil' ninja... a super man.. an ugly scientist... a man version of Elle Driver who love to whistle...
the characters name also tickle me most.. snake eyes.. storm shadow... destro... ARGH.. give me a break.. berikan saya patahan! ... wakwawwwww....
.....part of W-men.. part of reality... away from my thumbs!....

I admit the effects was so cool for the first time we saw it..
but then it turns to WHUTT? or BHAHAHAHAHHA... or YUCK... too much effects will kill..

naaaahh... the movie just not suit me i guess.. maybe that G.I. Joe movie is made for the kids or others who like that zoom out-zoom in-into-the actor-face-kind of movie... doh..

but, Channing Tatum and that red headed girl is the definition of hot.. so it'll be a start to forgiving the movie.... that black hair-ed woman? uh.. uh.. she's just look like Violet from The Incredibles...

yes.. that things pretty distub me while watching G.I. Joe at the cinema.. but it has the same effects with other movies such as X-men... Superman... Spiderman.. and man... etc.. i dunno whats wrong with G.I. Joe.. i just can't accept it easily... haha


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