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Perfect but not Slim... Natural but not Pretty

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by: BITE

Leonardo melukiskan Monalisa.
Cover sabun menampilkan Ida Iasha.
Sejak dahulu seorang wanita yang bercela tak mungkin berkenan.
Mudah berkata Citra Natural jika semua terlahir menarik.
Tapi ternyata jika kau jujur semua suka wanita cantik.
Kaum bijak trus berkata pikat gadis terpancar karena hatinya.
Pemanis tubuh menjadi tabu, namun pahit pun tak mau kau terima.

Don't ever think that women got their beauty issues because of the urge to satisfy others. In my opinions , women concern with those issues to pleased themselves. Every woman wants to look good in the mirror... HAVE TO BE LOOK GOOD in the mirror. Every woman worried with their little sprutten, ex-zit, the size of the ready-to-wear-of-today collections...

Who created this Beauty Issues? it's you Producent.. ! It's you Commercials.. ! It's you MAN! it's you.. yourself! us.... ! it's our mind...!

A friend was obsessed with THE WEIGHT. Everyday, i just heard she talk about losing 1kg... 2kg... ( we know it's easy to get by dump our waste... ) ... her controlled-meals.. her daily read about losing weight... hhhhh.... All of us just look at each others when she was talking blabber-ly about how she'll pictured by pro. I dunno.. do we envy her? or just being sad.... sympathy?
The fact is.. everybody wants to be perfect..... dying to LOOK perfect!

I want to be skinny too. i bet you do too... But it doesn't need to sacrifice yourself with not enjoy the life. why have to be a MALNUTRITION-one! pass the carbs .. eat the calories... the sweets is yes... no to pure vitamin and protein....

What I see in my friend was her skin is pale.. her hair is greasy.. her skin is flabby.. because of losing her weight with lack of sport... not energized enough... but no one of us tell those to her because she was so proud with her loose.

Ruslana Sergeyevna Korshunova
Many friends told that... she was worried of "the perfect issues" for a long time..

On June 28, 2008 at around 2:30 p.m., Korshunova died after falling from the ninth-floor balcony of her apartment at 130 Water Street in Manhattan's Financial District. Police stated there were no signs of a struggle in her apartment and concluded that Korshunova's death was an apparent suicide, although no suicide note was found.
However, Korshunova appeared brokenhearted and angry in some of her postings on a social networking site. Korshunova's most telling message came in March 2008: "I'm so lost. Will I ever find myself?".[14] Friends said Korshunova had a stomachache before her death, a small complaint, but in this high-pressure world, "one little knot is the book on the shelf that makes it go down," (wikipedia)

Why the picture perfect of woman is the skinny one? even some man told me that they prefer the huggable one.... Do beautifull and perfection only belong to the catwalk-ers? the perfection only belong to actress and the fortunates?

Mia Hamm got more bottom than the catwalk-er

Nikki Hudson's stare is also sharp
Amanda Beard, swimmwer, is a fresh-vision than Tara Reid

military-women are long leg-ed too

why being muscle-ed is taboo ?
Do being performance-athlete is not sexy ?
being a military-woman is not feminin ?

"Crimes against Womanity"

i saw some people look like a pregnant woman.. walk like a balloon... double sized... walking like they do not use shorts... I wrote this because I'm angry with all clothing designer.... to all commercials... magazine... to all SHALLOW MAN and WOMAN! why no one care about the unpretty.. the-not-ideal.. the no-money.... (like me.. and you, if you feel do too...) . They just selling products that told us to use them to make us pretty.. not to encourage the confidence...

anything to wear the latest trend...
why have to be skeleton thin?
why do the catwalk always feels right?
why they really look so sexy and gorgeous?

healthy life...
healthy body...
love and loved

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