Thursday, August 13, 2009

Javarockingland 2009

God gave rock 'n roll to you.. gave rock 'n roll to you... (kiss)

me and him on javarockingland night!

what a hot day! Carnaval beach Ancol, Jakarta on the mid-day time is very hot! the wind also felt heavy than Lembang's wind. haha.
I'm so happy still be able to watch Mr.Big live at this time.. live for the member of the band.. and live as a live show.. :) they were look old but still got that god's talent in playing music. hail to Mr. Big. all of them can sing.. really can sing. they playing music tools like crazy! even when the show just starts, Billy Sheehan play his Bass with a Handy DRILL.. !!!!!

I go to Javarockingland with my college friends.. Tantri, Opang, Danu, and Angga. Actually i buy two days tickets of it.. saturday and sunday... but finally i sell my tickets for sunday because i don't think i'll be able to come to the venue anymore... i'm so tired. everybody is tired...

finally we've got back at 2am from the venue.. we walk for about 15minutes to get to our car.. haha... long way but thank God we park pretty far.. we didn't get into the traffic...
everybody feel hungry!... Mc Donalds at senayan drive thru then... junk food at the (not) right time! haha... in my head there's some sentences.. okay enough for this junk food.. no more no more... but at the morning.. same morning... at the 11 am... we go to Burger King at the Senayan City... bhahahahahha....
can you stand for this?

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