i love to go to traditional market!

hahaha.. i just back from traditional market with my mom. I love to go there even though this activity makes my feet dirty with mud and unknown-mix-of-water. IUUUHHH... yuck. hmm.. where do we start...? ahh yup.. there are so many people inside... man of course dominate the site. When i come to the market.. they act weirdly, talking loud, cheesy flirt words, cheesy flirt sounds... yuck. haha. really annoying. but if you listen to it.. try to enjoy it and smile..

man 1 : si bapak euy tuang teu ngajak...
man 2 : makan naon pak X teh?
man 1 : makan gepuk euy.. makannya gak ngajak...
yah neng yah... (talking to me suddenly.. me?)
voice of man 3 (from nowhere) : makan gepuk bubuk meureun
man 2 : (yelling.. loudly) BUBUK GEHU!
the market : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

ok i'll translate this conv. if you want.. later...

but i'm still happy when my mom ask me to join her to the market.
I love to see veggies. Lotsa veggies.. carrots.. broccoli.. potatoes.. chili.. fish.. flowers.. and anything.. you name it! those things make my eyes hungry.. (eyes?) haha.. yeahh i often want to buy many things that i don't really need. I want that small potato mom.. i want that small tomato a.k.a cherry tomato.. i want that IKAN ASIN.. i want that chicken breast fillet.. i want that red rice mom.. that TAWAS.. hahahaha.. and other unnecessary things...
story spreading fast inside the market.

those men sound hushing.. where..? where? and when they look at me in the eyes... they laugh and say there she is.....

maybe because it's rare for girls now to go to the market. Usually, at this modern time, girls prefer to go to the supermarket... at the mall of course. The traditional market often to be visited by their maid.. or people who live around.
that's why the stories about others spreading around fast.

At the flowers stall, where my mom loves to buy SEDAP MALAM flower for our living room, there is a man buy some creepy stuffs. why i say it's creepy? because he buy some perfume oil, flowers in 7 different type, and kemenyan. booooo... it's getting creepy-er and creepy-er.. haha..
then after that man off the stall, the seller told us a story. She said that, that man's wife is sick because of black magic.. it starts with bla... bla.. bla.. (i don't wanna hear so i put my concenration to cake stall. haha )

finally, the shoptime is over. We go home by Ojek because i was put my old babe to be fixed. her dashboard lamp off. Ojek is a kind of transportation. Standard of a motorcycle.

I have to hand 3 kilos of red rice.. 5 kilos of rice.. that cow liver for Elmo.. chicken fillet, carrots, and others.... on a motorcycle... !!


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